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Grow Your WordPress Agency Revenue

Manage & invoice clients, sell enterprise-grade hosting, site maintenance plans or any other service under your own brand & domain.
  • Increase Your Revenue

    One solution to sell any (cloud) service under your own brand & domain.

  • Save Time Managing Sites

    Manage, maintain & monetize all your WordPress from one place.

  • Under Your Control

    Your customers, your services, your branding & your pricing.

  • Grow as You Go

    100% Free to get started with usage based pricing with no hidden surprises.

Everything you need to grow your agency

Learn the key features of Dollie and how to they work together to provide you everything you need to run your day-to-day Agency operations
  • Private Cloud

  • Control HQ

  • Hub Builder

  • Done for You

  • Double Your Revenue Overnight

    Your own Private Cloud 100% dedicated to hosting all your customer/client sites under your brand & domain at lightning speeds. We take care of your infrastructure behind the scenes, you impress your clients with white-label hosting.

    Forget affiliate programs or revenue share programs. You control pricing, billing and even your customer data thanks to our Hub Builder plugin, that you install inside your own WordPress website.
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    • Lightning Fast

      Forget shared hosting or reseller programs. With Dollie you get a high performance foundation for each and every site in your Private Cloud. PHP 8, NGINX, PHP-PM & Redis on dedicated hardware supported by our team of cloud experts.

    • Infinitely Scalable

      Whether you have 5 or 5000 sites, your Private Cloud will keep up with your growth. Control per site the allowed resources or automate it based on the active plan of your clients.

    • 100% White Label

      Combine your hosting services with our Hub Builder plugin and you have a complete turn-key solution for your clients. Bundle hosting with a care plan and bill your client directly using WooCommerce. Your clients, your branding, your pricing.

    • Safe & Secure

      Automated backups, 7G Firewall & WAF, security scans & one-click, one click backup restore and expert support are just some things we do to keep your client sites safe as soon as they are launched.

    Control HQ makes managing all your WordPress client sites a breeze.

    Keep tabs on all your sites through your own HQ. Seamlessly integrated with all the sites in your Private Cloud or hosted elsewhere.

    One-click migrate a client site from any host to your own private cloud and use our incredible tools to manage all your client sites quickly and easily.
    See all Control HQ Features
    • Get Notified Before Your Clients Do

      Never get caught off-guard. Built in security scans, uptime checks & detailed site insights to pro-actively monitor your client sites and catch issues before they do.

    • Increase Revenue with Care Plans

      Automate updates, backups, SEO & Performance checks inside of control HQ and then charge your clients directly from your Client Hub you can easily build with our Dollie Hub Builder Plugin.

    • Save Tons of Time

      Control HQ is like having a super smart assistant dedicated to your WordPress site management tasks.

      It lets you know immediately of a site is having issues or gives you smart recommendations related to the performance and SEO scores of your site.

    • Peace of Mind

      With Dollie Control HQ, you can have peace of mind knowing that your WordPress sites are safe, secure, and monitored at all times.

      Security scans, SEO & Performance insights and automated backups for all your private cloud sites all available through a beautiful dashboard.

    Build the Perfect Hub for Your Clients

    Your white-label client portal with billing via WooCommerce. With full control over design, branding, pricing and your customer/client data.

    Double your revenue by offering a full service solution that includes enterprise-grade hosting, a website care plan and a beautiful Client Portal under your own brand & domain.

    Learn more about the Hub Builder
    • Seamless Integration

      Imagine one place for your clients where they can see everything. Their sites, their invoices, their additional services and anything else you could think of directly from any WordPress installation your control.

    • Build with WordPress

      You already know WordPress, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to build something incredible for your clients directly inside your WordPress installation. Use your favorite pagebuilder to design your entire Hub or choose from pre-made designs from our team.

    • Extend & Make It Your Own

      With Dollie you can build on the WordPress foundation you know and love. Install any of the thousands of WordPress plugins and WooCommerce extensions to add features to your Client Hub or develop your own.

    • Grow as You Go Pricing

      Only pay when customers pay you. Pay per site, per day so you'll know exactly what to expect. Charge your customers whatever you like. Unlock bulk discounts once your platform grows.

    We'll Build Your Dream Platform

    Let our team of experts take care of creating, customizing, and scaling your very own Agency platform.

    Save tons of time time and focus on your business whilst we set you up for success.
    Get our done-for-you service
    • Design

      Our team will take your existing branding and design a fantastic customer dashboard for your platform.

    • Performance Reviews

      We will code review your WordPress product(s) so they are optimised and lightning fast as soon as they are launched in your Private Cloud.

    • Consulting

      We have a team of experts available to help you make the right decisions. Pricing, developer talk, growth strategies, we're here to help.

    • Priority VIP Support

      Talk to our team directly via Slack in a private channel dedicated to your platform. Bring your entire team and 

    • Full Platform Setup

      Our team will take care of all the platform setup steps. Domain/DNS setup, payment gateways, testing and all other things critical.

    • Expertise

      Your project is executed by the people that built Dollie. We live and breath building WordPress platforms at scale. 

    What is Dollie?

    Our all-in-one solution features a fantastic WordPress site management solution, a white-label private cloud, and a WordPress plugin enabling you to sell your (cloud) services directly to your clients under your brand & domain.

    Together, they create the foundation for your agency's success.

    • The HQ to Manage All Your Sites
      Control, maintain & monetize all your client sites hosted in your Private Cloud, or anywhere else.

      top features
      • Beautiful dashboard for each of your sites
      • Uptime monitor, SEO & Performance analysis.
      • Bulk update plugins, theme & core in one go.
      • Bring your team
      • Seamless integration with your Private Cloud
    • Your Agency's Private Cloud
      Host client sites under your brand & domain with lightning-fast performance, rock-solid security and expert support.

      top features
      • Endless scalability for all your hosting needs.
      • Dedicated, ultra-fast hardware
      • Fully Isolated sites with built-in security & hardening
      • Next-Gen WordPress LEMP Stack with our SmartCaching.
      • 100% White Label out of the box.
    • Build Your Own Client Portal
      Create your client portal directly inside WordPress & offer true turn-key solutions to your clients.

      top features
      • Recurring billing & invoices via WooCommerce 
      • Design your Hub with Gutenberg/Pagebuilder
      • Extend by installing your favorite WP plugins.
      • Seamless integration with your Private Cloud
      • Integrated customer management & insights
    100% Free to get started with usage based pricing and no hidden surprises.
    Get Started for free

    Your Own Full-Service Agency Platform

    Create a fantastic experience for your clients under your own brand domain, managing and invoicing clients while offering enterprise-grade hosting, site maintenance plans, or any other service with the click of a button

    • Increase Your Revenue

      Private Cloud

      Grow your agency's revenue with white-label cloud services for clients.

      Dollie lets you sell custom hosting, maintenance plans, and other (cloud) services under your brand and domain.

      Keep full control over pricing, maximize profits, and scale your agency at your pace.

      Learn More about Private CLoud
    • Save Time Managing Sites

      Control HQ

      Simplify your agency's workflow with Dollie's centralized site management.

      Easily manage, maintain, and monetize clients' WordPress sites, saving time and resources.

      No more multiple dashboards or fragmented tools; seamlessly track updates, monitor performance, and manage client access. Focus on growing your agency and providing exceptional service.

      Learn More about Control HQ
    • Under Your Control

      Hub Builder

      Your clients, services, branding, and pricing - you control every aspect.

      With our Dollie Hub Builder plugin you can create your Agency Client portal directly inside any WordPress install.

      With integrated (subscription) billing, invoices & self-service features you can configure on a per client basis.

      More Hub Builder Features
    • Transparent Pricing: No Hidden Fees or Surprises

      grow as you go

      With your Private Cloud, your pay per site, per day – only for actual usage.

      If you launch a site for some quick development work, and remove the site after 2 days. You’d only be charge for 2 days of usage. Like it should be.

      Your Control HQ is free, featuring optional premium add-ons per site/client that can be directly billed to your clients through your care plans.

      Transparent pricing, whether you manage 5 or 5000 sites, with Dollie you know what to expect.

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    We're doing things differently.

    Your Team of Invisible Experts

    By choosing Dollie, you can be confident that all the websites in your Private Cloud will be served quickly and reliably, with optimized performance and security. And if something does go wrong we'll be there 24/7 to help.

    Dollie is not a hosting company. We're not interested in spending millions on marketing our cookie-cutter hosting services.

    Our interest is making your business succeed, and helping you scale on an infrastructure built for scale. We do this by talking to you directly about your needs to be successful.

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    Hosting - The Best Way to Make More Money.

    We've all heard the stories. Let's address the most common worries related to hosting your own client websites.
    It's hard
    It's Scary
    It's Expensive
    it takes time
    • Launching Your Own Hosting is Hard...

      Slow (shared) hosting setups with bloated cPanel dashboards that do not scale. Restrictive & expensive managed hosting platforms with zero freedom & flexibility that constantly upsell you and your customers.

      Reseller programs that promise "White Label Hosting" but are a complete black box and have terrible revenue share models. Complex WordPress multisite setups on a single server that won’t scale and can’t be adapted on a per customer basis.

      Figure-it-all-out-yourself Cloud Platforms that require an entire DevOps team to manage with support that does not understand WordPress. 

      All of this is exactly why established hosts have been able to take the bulk of the revenue in the WordPress industry for so long.

    • But not with Dollie

      With Dollie, your agency can offer the same features as leading hosting providers and SaaS website builder platforms, without the hassle and initial investment.

      Forget about infrastructure, security, and scaling concerns; our skilled engineers handle everything behind the scenes.

      Our primary focus is ensuring your agency's success and helping you grow on a platform designed for scalability. By communicating directly with you, we adapt to your unique needs and requirements.

      Thanks to our growth-oriented pricing and the freedom to set your own pricing, your agency can become highly profitable in no time with none of the headaches.

    As a web agency, we wanted to offer website hosting but didn't have the expertise or resources to build our own infrastructure. What we love most is that they take care of all the infrastructure, security, and scaling behind the scenes whi

    Beverley Russell from Resourceful Marketing
    • Running our own hosting is scary...

      Managing your own hosting infrastructure for WordPress sites can be risky, as it requires taking on the full responsibility of hosting and maintaining your customer websites.

      You might already have tried to host your customer sites before or are currently experiencing the same fear for your customer sites. What if something goes wrong? Is it worth the extra revenue for our business if it gets in the way of our day-to-day operations?

      Exactly those worries allow established hosts to take a huge chunk of your revenue, and lock you in completely on their platforms.

    • But not with Dollie

      With Dollie you can confidently offer hosting services without risk or hassle. We handle the hosting infrastructure, ensuring clients' WordPress sites run smoothly and securely without taking away any of the flexibility to adapt to your specific needs.

      Our engineers manage technical aspects like server maintenance and scaling, so you can focus on day-to-day operations without distraction. Enjoy increased revenue without compromising your agency's core responsibilities.

      Dollie's flexible pricing empowers you to control growth and profitability, free from third-party platform lock-ins.

    Control HQ has quickly become the foundation of our day-to-day support & mainenance flow. Our Dollie-powered WaaS has over 500 sites that all manage using Control HQ. It's simply the best way to manage WordPress sites at scale!
    • Building your hosting is expensive...

      Building your own hosting infrastructure from scratch is expensive due to the upfront costs associated with hardware, software, and in-house/hired expertise.

      There's ongoing costs associated with scalability and upgrades and investing in security, off-sites backups and fallover scenarios.

      Your hosting infrastructure must be scalable to accommodate growing demand from clients. As your client base expands, you will need to invest in additional hardware and engineering time/knowledge to keep everything running smoothly.

      Hosting companies know this and are comfortable with the current status quo.

    • But not with Dollie

      Our container technology creates isolated environments solely dedicated to serving WordPress, optimizing resource use and reducing overheads. Because we focus on direct partnerships rather than mass marketing generic hosting services to anyone, we further reduce costs and thus the cost per site we charge you.

      Most importantly we let you set your own pricing and charge clients directly via your white-label Hub, maintaining control over your agency's revenue and growth with excellent margins with no 3rd party in the middle.

      Leverage Dollie's scalable, affordable solution to minimize costs and drastically boost your agency's profitability.

    One time payments aren’t enough to support your business in the long run. I mean, of course, you get sales each month, but it’s not that stable, which can make it hard to trust that it’s safe to do more. With Dollie we've opened up recurring revenue for all our products in service, which is a huge deal for us.
    • Setting up Hosting takes a ton of time...

      Before our partners discovered Dollie they often came to us with their attempts to take back control over hosting or build their own cloud platform. Here is one story from one of our partners..

      "We span up some servers at DigitalOcean and used CloudWays to get set up. Then we started to move our customer sites. We're now 2 years further and sure we do our own hosting. But it does not scale or allow us to truly benefit from running our own hosting. We're still restricted due to time, lack of in-house expertise and the inability to scale".

      There are countless other stories we've received, whether it's complex custom platforms or clunky cPanel solutions, with Dollie we spent combined decades on building a solution dedicated to building WordPress platforms at scale.

    • But not with Dollie

      With Dollie, you can regain control over your hosting and effortlessly scale your agency. Our platform eliminates time constraints, technical barriers, and expertise limitations, enabling you to focus on growth and delivering exceptional service to your clients.

      We act as a truly invisible partner at all times, managing your cloud infrastructure and constantly adding new white-label features you can then sell directly to your customers.

      With Dollie you get all the scale, speed and security that those big platforms offer, but without us getting in the way of how you should run your business. Like it should be.

    One time payments aren’t enough to support your business in the long run. I mean, of course, you get sales each month, but it’s not that stable, which can make it hard to trust that it’s safe to do more. With Dollie we've opened up recurring revenue for all our products in service, which is a huge deal for us.

    Frequently asked questions

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    Contact us

    Dollie’s Private Cloud solution includes automated daily backups and a disaster recovery system to ensure your clients’ sites and data are always protected. You can also set custom backup schedules, and with the Control HQ, you can easily restore a site to a previous state in case of an emergency or unexpected issue.

    Dollie streamlines the client onboarding and site migration process, making it easy for you to bring new clients onto your platform. With the Private Cloud and Control HQ, you can effortlessly deploy or migrate existing WordPress sites from any host directly into your Private Cloud. Using the Hub Builder allows you can then create a customized and branded dashboard for your clients under your brand and domain where your new or existing clients can see all the sites you’re providing to them.

    Dollie follows a “Grow as You Go” pricing model, which means you only pay for what you use. The pricing is based on a per-site, per-day basis, allowing you to have a clear understanding of your costs and avoid any surprises. This model is highly beneficial for agencies as it lets you scale your costs according to your growth and client base. You can also unlock bulk discounts as your platform grows, further increasing your profit margins. The flexible pricing structure ensures that you can focus on growing your agency without worrying about exorbitant costs or hidden fees.

    Dollie automates site deployment, maintenance, and updates, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional services to your clients instead of handling technical tasks. With Dollie’s Private Cloud and Control HQ, you can manage multiple WordPress sites from one centralized dashboard, streamlining your workflow and making it easier for you to stay organized and efficient. With the Dollie Hub Builder you can build your own beautiful client portal where you have complete freedom to build something fantastic for your clients and bill them directly for your services.

    Certainly! Dollie offers a 100% white-label solution, giving you full control over your branding, domain, and pricing for a seamless and professional client experience. The Pro Builder Plan provides you with access to our Hub Builder plugin, which allows you to create a fully customized client portal, ensuring that your agency’s brand is consistently presented throughout your clients’ interactions with your platform. All the sites in your Private Cloud automatically get launched under your own brand and domain as well. Even the small but important details like transactions emails are sent out from your own domain.

    Dollie enables you to offer a full suite of services, including enterprise-grade hosting, site maintenance plans, and more, all under your own brand, driving customer loyalty and revenue growth. By leveraging Dollie’s Private Cloud and Hub Builder, you can create tailored packages for your clients, allowing you to upsell your services and increase your profit margins. With Control HQ you get a wide set of tools to run seamless maintenance plans for all your clients. It contains uptime monitoring, SEO & Performance analytics and automated updates that can all be rolled into Site Care plans you can offer to your clients.

    Definitely. Integrating Dollie with your existing WordPress agency website is easy and flexible. You can use the Hub Builder plugin to build a client portal directly within your agency site, which seamlessly integrates with any page builder, including Gutenberg. Alternatively, you can create a separate WordPress installation specifically for your client portal, which provides a clean and dedicated setup. For instance, you could use to showcase your services and for your client portal. This option allows for more customization and branding opportunities, and you can still link it to your main agency site for easy navigation and accessibility.

    Certainly! To offer and sell different plans and services to your clients using Dollie, we have our Pro Builder Plan. This plan allows you to create and sell different cloud services and plans under your own brand and domain using our powerful Dollie Hub Builder plugin. With Dollie’s Private Cloud, Control HQ, and Hub Builder features, you can build and sell anything from hosting and site maintenance to web development services. You can even charge your clients directly via WooCommerce within your custom-built Customer Hub.

    Dollie’s private cloud infrastructure is designed with the highest level of security and reliability in mind. Each site is hosted in a dedicated environment, ensuring maximum protection and optimal performance for your clients. Our private cloud platform includes advanced security features, automatic backups, and SSL certificates to ensure that your clients’ data and sites are always secure. We are committed to providing the same level of features, performance, and reliability as the top managed WordPress hosts, but without any of the limitations, upsell tactics, or other undesirable practices that may hinder your business growth. With Dollie, you can trust that your clients’ sites are in good hands, allowing you to focus on growing your business with complete peace of mind.

    At Dollie, we are committed to supporting our partners’ success. While we do not provide direct support to end customers, we are always here to assist our partners with any questions or issues they may have regarding the Dollie platform. Our team is available to provide expert advice on pricing, growth strategies, platform customization, and more, and we will do our best to help our partners succeed. If you encounter any issues with your client sites, we will work with you to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

    Choose Your Deal

    Choose Your Deal


    Control HQ goes far beyond just site management, check out what you'll get with both paid plans.

    • Connect & Manage Unlimited Sites

    • Client Manager

    • AI Assistant

    • Instant Notifications to Email

    • Google Lighthouse Analysis

    • Uptime Monitor

    • Site / Client PDF Reports

    • Atarim Integration

    • Uptime Monitor

    • Security Scans

    • Bulk Updates for Plugins, Themes & WP Core

    • Pro Plan

      50% Discount for 1st Year

      Up to 15 VIP Sites with additional features, and all of our Pro features for one low price.

      • 10 Sites with VIP Features*

      • Up to 3 Team Members

      • Priority Email Support

    • Agency Plan

      50% Discount for 1st Year

      Up to 50 VIP Sites and additional features across your HQ. the best deal for Agencies!

      • 50 Sites with VIP Features*

      • Live Chat Support

      • Instant Slack Notifications

      • Listing in our Agency Directory

      • Early Access to New Features