Dollie hits the WP Repo and now seamlessly integrates with any theme!

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The day has finally arrived! The Dollie Team have been hard at work, taking on all of the feedback over the past year and packing it into the latest version of Dollie. 

Just install the free Dollie Plugin and convert your one-time clients into recurring revenue machines, all managed through your WordPress install.


You can find Dollie on the WordPress repository. You can download it from there and upload it to your existing WordPress Website – or, even easier: Install straight from the plugins menu in your admin dashboard

Pre-made Elementor Pages

Dollie comes with pre-made elementor templates for the following pages:

  • Launch Site Page
  • Customer Dashboard Page
  • Customer Login Page
  • Sites Page
  • Site Template
These templates are here to help you get started selling straight away! Now, all the functionality on these pages are served as Elementor Widgets, so you have greater control over how you would like these pages delivered

The Deployment Domain

By default, your deployment domain will be at a subdomain of This is a failsafe. You’ll be able to choose this subdomain as you register and connect with Dollie

Of course you want to sell your services under your own brand, and for that we recommend hooking up your own custom deployment domain. This can be added through the Dollie plugin

Menu Items

You can add some Menu Items in Appearance -> Menus. 

Were, you can add some persistent menu items so that you, and your customers, will always be able to easily find the Site Dashboard


Create re-usable blueprints for each product you offer and allow new or existing customers to launch fully configured and ready to go sites with the click of a button, all from your existing WordPress install

Get in Touch with Dollie

So, whether you have an existing maintenance service or you’re going to build one now, automate it as soon as you can, directly from your existing WordPress Install. It doesn’t matter if you have 3 customers or 300, automation is the only way to make this a truly scalable and profitable venture. 

The good news is that the Dollie cloud automation platform will enable you to do this. 

If you want to learn how to sell your own subscription products and services, and then automate the maintenance and support piece of it using Dollie technology, come say hello!

Dollie will change Your WordPress business

The Cloud Automation Platform to build, launch and sell WordPress services under your own brand & domain.
Dollie lets you convert one-time customers into recurring revenue machines, all managed through your WordPress install.
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