Feature Release: Client-Deployed Site Permissions

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Dollie’s continual development always yields interesting and useful features. Today, with the release of Dollie V3.2.0, we’re introducing the latest feature: “Client-Deployed Site Permissions”.

This feature globally sets client access to their deployed sites at a certain user power – while maintaining the Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality as admin for the owner of the Dollie Storefront. 

This functionality is pretty cool, but what powers will my customer have?

With the new DCSP feature, you can globally set your customers to have either editor or admin access. Here is an overview of the powers these two users have:

1. Admin Powers

The administrator is at the very top of the hierarchy. The admin is able to access all the functions of the WordPress backend.

Administrators are able to do everything. This user role can, in part:

  • Create, edit, and delete any content
  • Manage plugins and themes
  • Edit code
  • Delete other user accounts

Administrator is the most powerful user role and should rarely be assigned to someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing

2. Editor Powers

An editor is generally responsible for managing content and thus has a high level of access. They can create, edit, delete, and publish both pages and posts – even those belonging to other users.

An editor can also:

  • Moderate comments
  • Manage categories and links
They cannot, however; make backend changes such as adding plugins, themes, or installing updates. They have access to oversee the work of authors and contributors

What if I want a select few to have admin access?

As always, this eventuality has been catered for. You simply need to edit the user and in the settings you can statically allocate this user the required Client-Deployed Site Access Permissions. 

Can you show me?

Absolutely, we’ve created this video that shows you the ins and outs of this new feature. Check it out!

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