Real Time Customizer

The next step in selling custom tailored websites to your audience.

Add simple placeholders anywhere in your blueprints and see how they are magically populated with your customer details after the new site is launched.

  • The perfect SaaS/WaaS Foundation

    Imagine your audience being able to instantly launch a new site on your White Label Cloud Platform. They simply choose a design, press "Launch" and before they know it they have a new site up and running.

    All 100% White Label and under your control.

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  • Your Customers, Your Pricing.

    Charge your clients per site, based on usage (disk space, visitors), available features (backups, staging, available self-service features) or anything in between. Then charge them directly with no 3rd Party in the middle.

    Your Hub is powered by WordPress and works alongside WooCommerce, so you can tap into the vast ecosystem of WooCommerce extensions and payment gateways too.

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  • Manage everything in one place.

    Chief Executive Officer

    Sell sites without worries. Know that our team is always being prepared for the worst behind the scenes, keeping your sites safe. Daily backups, pro-active security monitoring, free SSL certificates and much more is configured as soon as a new site is launched.

    We also automatically protect your site against Brute Force (DDOS) attacks, root/SSH attacks and much more. Because each site is completely isolated it means that if a site gets compromised it can’t damage others, and you can restore it with the click of a button.

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Stop giving away your hard-earned recurring revenue.

Transform your business with the all-in-one solution that includes white-label hosting, centralized website management, and the ability to offer recurring services seamlessly to your audience - all fully under your control.

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