The Weglot translation solution integrates perfectly with Dollie to give you a reliable and easy way to take your website from local to global in minutes.

Created to simplify your translation process – the Weglot translation solution gives you a reliable and easy way to take your website from local to global in minutes. No coding required and no developer time needed. Install Weglot, select your required language(s) and watch as Weglot does the hard work for you – you’ll have a multilingual website in less than 5 minutes. 

With zero compatibility issues – Weglot works with all WordPress themes and plugins. Use Weglot’s simplified interface to manage your translations and order additional manual translation where required. And, say hello to new audiences, as with Weglot all your translated pages are automatically indexed on Google. 

Accelerate your translation process with subscriptions starting from €9.90 a month. Weglot is the solution for going global.

Start your free 10 day trial today!

Here is an example of Weglot in action!

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