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Introducing the Real Time Customizer – The next step in selling custom tailored websites to your customers.

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Today we’re introducing some groundbreaking new features to the Dollie platform, laser focused on letting you sell pre-made websites custom tailored to each and every one of your customers. Launched and set up on your own domain and 100% white-labeled within minutes, not days.

Our new Real-Time Customizer makes setting up new websites for your customers easier and faster than before! Your customers (or someone from your team) can directly fill in the most important business information before launching a new site on your platform.

Once the site is launched this information is then used/shown across the new site. Save the tedious work of replacing emails, names,  addresses, and other mundane tasks. 

If you’re a developer you’ll be happy to know you can pass on any data and further automate your WaaS/SaaS platform. 

Move over Wix & SquareSpace, WordPress Automation is the future 😉

Blueprints & The New Real-Time Customizer Explained

Blueprints are what we call the pre-made WordPress websites that are built by you and your team, You can  sell these to your customers with the click of a button.

So Iiagine building a site for a future client that wants a SEO-optimized small business website. You simply launch a Blueprint and inside this new WordPress install you set up your favorite plugins, theme and design the landing pages. 

You can have as many of these Blueprints as you’d like, so you might end up with a “Library of Pre-Made Site Designs, like in the image below.

Before you know it you’ll be running your own a SaaS/WaaS platform all hosted under your own brand and domain, managed from inside a single WordPress install.

This is all very powerful; and now our top feature just got more powerful.

The Real-Time Customizer

The Real-Time Customizer makes setting up new websites for your clients easier and faster than before! Now a customer, or someone from your team, can directly fill in the most important business information for the site , instantly populating the site with this information upon site creation. This saves on the tedious work of replacing emails, names,  addresses, and other common variables on newly created setups

How to use it:

 1. Define placeholders inside your blueprint. As you can see in the example below, we’ve swapped out the dummy name and business sector with a placeholder

2. Create placeholders in your blueprint settings as shown in the image below. Each Variable has three fields:

  1. Name of the variable
  2. The content of the Placeholder (this can be anything, from {VARIABLENAME} to “123456”) 
  3. The Suggested Value that your customers will see as they go to deploy their site

Do this for all of the variables that you would like to get set up

3. Now, as soon your customers visits the “Launch A Site” form their information will be collected and used on their newly launched site.

The result? A personalized website for your customers upon login to their new website. Your new customer immediately feels at home in their environment and focuses on enhancing their content

This massively reduces the set up complexity for your users as plugins can be configured on sign up. The Real-Time Customizer runs its search and replace across the front-end and database alike!

The Dream for your SaaS or WaaS

This is the dream set up for Theme & Plugin builders offering a Premium SaaS service of their products. It’s also a dream for a WaaSer (Website as a Service provider). Their customers get a uniquely tailored site by filling out a simple form and clicking the, “Launch New Site” button.

If you would like to learn more about how the Real-Time Customizer works, please see the following video where I set up a blueprint, set up the Real-Time Customizer, and show it working for a customer!

So, whether you have an existing WaaS/SaaS service or you’re going to build one now, automate it as soon as you can, directly from your existing WordPress Install. It doesn’t matter if you have 3 customers or 300, our automation technology is the only way to make this a truly scalable and profitable venture. 

If you want to learn how to sell your own subscription products and services or how to best use dollie for your use case, come say hello!

Dollie will change Your WordPress business

The Cloud Automation Platform to build, launch and sell WordPress services under your own brand & domain.
Dollie lets you convert one-time customers into recurring revenue machines, all managed through your WordPress install.
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