Offer true peace of mind through Staging, the latest add-on you can upsell to the customers on your platform

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Provide total peace of mind to your customers with our new one-click staging environments.

Starting today, you can upsell Staging, the new exciting offer by dollie. Offer your customers the option to create an exact copy of any site hosted on your white-label platform with one click. You can upsell Staging as an add-on or include it in a professional/enterprise package.

Why offer staging?

Staging sites let you work on problems or redesigns in a completely separate environment, which can prove to be extremely useful for more complex or mission-critical sites. Offering staging functionality to your customers is a great upsell and further differentiates you from the competition.

A (Selling) Example

Your customer has just asked you to do some updates on their hosted site. You can now warn them about the dangers of updating on a live site and how their site might experience some downtime during updates or the changes that you’ll make.

This becomes the perfect time for you to convince your customer to upgrade to your professional package, that delivers them a staging site, all presented through your very own unified customer dashboard.


Each of our staging sites is in a completely isolated container, meaning that it doesn’t share another site’s tech stack. On top of this, we have a bunch of security measures taken at the infrastructure level to ensure your sites are secure. SSL certs are provided by standard (obviously) and allow us to maintain integrity of your site!

True One Click Staging

Inside your customer dashboard, create a staging site in 1 click. Then, when you’re ready, simply import your staging site with our 1 click import. It really is that simple. 

This sounds pretty cool, can I see it in action?

Of course you can, check out our latest video below that shows how staging works, how to use it, and how to add it to a subscription package

Join the countless other dollie members today and start delivering your own hosting platform. Your customers will thank you. Get started with dollie today!

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