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What happens after I reach 5 sites?

You will be charged extra for each additional site on your platform.

$10/extra per site/month
Flexible Billing that accounts for development and testing sites
1 Free Blueprint installation per 30 sites
Growing fast? Price per site can be reduced by talking to our sales team.
Additional developer and bulk management tools become available (see FAQ)

Pay only what you use

You only get charged for the amount of sites deployed by your customers, no additional costs or fees. This allows you to grow at your own pace and charge your customers knowing exactly what you have to pay Dollie.

Smart & dynamic billing

Want to launch a quick website for some testing? No problem. Have a customer that signs up but immediately cancels? We feel your pain. We automatically take care of these situations with our dynamic billing.

Transparent pricing

You can see your billing estimation from your partner dashboard at all times, providing you with an overview of your expected costs of the current billing cycle.

Pricing FAQ

Laura has a small web development business targeted towards hairdressers.

– She has created 1 Site Blueprint which is used as the starting point for each site launched by her customers.
– 15 Hairdressers are using her platform every month.
– She charges $30 for her services per site.

Laura earns 30 x $15 $450 for these sites per month.

Laura has to pay Dollie for the sites that are on our platform.
She pays $149 for her 15 sites. 
She only uses 1 Blueprint which is included for free. 

She makes a net profit of $300 a month on her services.

Gabriel runs a successful Themeshop with a variety of  products being sold directly on his website.

– He has created 15 Site Blueprints (one Blueprint for each of his Premium Themes) which are used as the starting point for the customers signing up on his platform.
– 250 Customers are using his platform every month.
– He charges $25 for his services per site.

Gabriel earns 250x $25 = $6,250 each month

Gabriel has to pay Dollie for the sites that are on his platform.
He pays $1999 for the 250 sites. 
8 of his blueprints are free (1 free blueprint per 30 sites) and he has to pay $35 (7x$5) for the remaining 7 blueprints. 
His total bill to Dollie is $2034 a month.

Gabriel makes a profit of $4216 a month on his services.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. 

Note that when you add a card, we send a temporary pre-authorization request to the issuing bank to verify your details. 

No. Your card is only charged at the end of the billing cycle or when your free trial expires.

Pre-authorization charge: When you add a card, we may send a preauthorization request to the issuing bank. This is to verify that the card being added has been issued by the bank and that they will authorize any charges in future. These temporary pre-authorizations are show up as a charge of $0 in your statements.

We’re required by law to apply taxes in some countries when dealing with businesses located in the EU. Your tax rates will automatically be calculated during checkout.

For partners that are growing quickly, or have (large) established businesses we can offer custom pricing plans that fit their business model more closely. 

Our goal is to figure out the best model for both parties, and our sales team is always available to discuss custom pricing models. Simply reach out to us, or schedule a meeting

Dollie will start charging you 31 days after the beginning of your trial.

From then on, you’ll be charged monthly for the number of sites in your account

You enter in your credit card or Paypal details in your payment methods.

You’ll be charged monthly for the amount of sites that are in your account + for any addtional add-ons you have purchased for your sites

Blueprints are not meant to be used as live customer websites, and they are hosted in a non-production environment, under their own generic domain.

 They function specifically for the purpose of being cloned and being used as demos for your potential and existing customers. 

By doing this we make development easier for you (less aggressive caching, more debug tools), and can offer greatly reduced pricing per blueprint.

For every 30 sites you deploy, you get a free blueprint. If you require more outside of your allowance, you’ll be charged at a rate of $5 per blueprint..

Example: Sharon is starting a WaaS targeted towards Musicians

– She has created 10 blueprints to get started
– She currently has no customers

Sharon gets 1 blueprint for free, and then has to be pay for the remainder. Sharon pays 9x$5=$45 to have her blueprints in place for launching her WaaS

Infrastructure / Technical FAQ

Very good, and here’s why. Most fundamentally Dollie is built from the ground up to do one thing: Serve and deploy lightning fast WordPress sites in the most efficient and secure way. The vast majority of  web hosts use virtual servers. They’re slow, resource intensive, barely scalable, and have so many layers it is easy for something to go wrong. If anything goes wrong in just one of those tech layers your website goes down. Dollie uses Docker container technology. It make WordPress more scalable, and more efficient bringing down the economies of scale per install. What this effectively means is that we can host more WordPress installs with less server and management resources bringing down the cost per install, while also improving performance by building an isolated environment (container) completely dedicated to serving a high-performance, scalable WordPress site. Learn More about our infrastructure

Then you’ll be charged for additional resources used by the container – and you can too. This is one of the best things about Dollie. If you’ve a site that is exceeding its resource limits, this becomes an opportunity for you to upsell additional resources. To discuss the best possible ways to make Dollie work for your business model, simply reach out to us or schedule a meeting

We have received a couple of other questions from interested partners about the difference between Dollie and other WaaS services. Both aim to offer a service that feels like the customer is getting a brand new fresh website through an easy sign up process, although they don’t really compare. Read our Knowledgebase Article

We have received a couple of other questions from interested partners about the difference between Dollie and for example CPanel or Cyberpanel or any other webhosting/server software tools. And whilst we understand where that is coming from it’s not really comparable.. 

Read our Knowledgebase Article


Selling Dollie Services FAQ

Simple – One Site Per Subscription

This is the simplest model. You create a WooCommerce product with a subscription of $30 a month and link it to your Blueprint (pre-made website you’ve created).

When your customer purchases/signs up for this subscription they will be guided through launching their site on your white labeled platform. They can manage their website from your customer dashboard directly.

Hosting Model – Multiple Sites Per Subscription
You create a WooCommerce product that when purchased allows a customer to deploy one or multiple sites. For example:

Starter –  1 site for $25
Professional – 3 sites for $65
Business – 10 sites for $199

With Dollie you can provide one-click upgrades to plans, to upsell your hosting services easily. Since customers can be subscribed to multiple subscriptions at once you can upsell your maintenance/development services directly from the customer dashboard as well.


Perfect if you manage sites on behalf of your client. With this model you (or your team) create a customer account on behalf of your client inside your Dollie install. You launch their sites on your platform using and set-up their sites (or migrate their existing installs to your Dollie environment). Once done you sent them a checkout link to activate their subscription. For example by charging them $199 a month for Hosting & Maintenance. 

You can use the Dollie access control settings to give them access to the features you would like them to access (for example hide the developer tools, but allow them to create backups or view their active plugins and themes) and build out their customer dashboard where they can find their (PDF) invoices, payment history and anything else you can come up with.

Any Payment Gateway that has a WooCommerce Subscriptions extension can be installed inside your Dollie installation to accept payments from your customers. Currently there are over 50 supported gateways so you will have extremely flexibility when it comes to accepting payments from your customers.

Absolutely, you can bill for your services anyway that fits your business model, and there are countless possibilities with WooCommerce and the WooCommerce subscription extension. 

Missed payments can happen for various reasons. Subscriptions are handled by the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension, and it can be configured in various ways to give your customers plenty of time to resolve payment issues. All of this is automated and done for you. If a customer has cancelled their subscription his/her sites will automatically be scheduled for removal, with a grace period and a full site backup stored  in case your customer decides to come back.  

Yes, absolutely this is something that is supported. Dollie requires WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions to function. By integrating with WooCommerce, you can make use of WooCommerce’s trial functionality

The trial sites that you offer are still customer sites and will be counted in your total at your next billing cycle

White Label FAQ

Absolutely not. Your customers and their data are all stored inside your own WordPress installation. Dollie only keeps track of the sites deployed under your partner account, but we do not have access to any of your customers data. Just like with pricing all that stays inside your own WordPress installation.

We act as a truly invisible partner.

Dollie doesn’t have any interaction with your customers, we’re simply the automation platform that enables you to deliver your services. All your customer payments are made directly through your WordPress installation using WooCommerce.

You simply pay Dollie for the number of sites on on your platform, You charge customers directly for the services you deliver, in any way you like.

Who takes the payment from the customer matters, which is why we give you the tools you need to be the person who controls what you charge, how and when you get paid, and then you can cover your overhead. They’re your customers, not ours or the cloud providers. 

With traditional hosting (affiliate) setups you put a customer on your affiliated hosting platform, and from that point you’ll usually get a one-time affiliate fee, and that’s that. Another option would be to roll in the cost of hosting into your maintenance/service plans and then pay the host behind the scenes. Far not ideal, not to mention you can’t really build your own branding, pricing, customer dashboard or anything else that sets you apart from your competitors.

With Dollie we give you a wide set of business models options you the developer get to decide so that you can take the monthly payment from the customer, and then cover any hosting costs or fees.

We built Dollie because there’s a competitive gap in the market between the hosting companies and you, the business owners who actually build websites, themes, and plugins. We’ve seen many of you stuck in the rat race of trying to find that next customer, getting that next site developer, and struggling to build sustainable businesses. Meanwhile, the hosting companies have turned into multi-million and even billion dollar corporations on the backs of these same developers.

Dollie levels the playing field. We’ve built a solution to flip the power dynamic. By empowering entrepreneur developers to build sustainable products and services and generate recurring subscription revenue.

Who takes the payment from the customer matters, which is why we give you the tools you need to be the person who controls what you charge, how and when you get paid, and then you can cover your overhead. They’re your customers, not ours or the cloud providers. We act as a truly invisible partner and because Dollie runs inside your WordPress installation and is powered by WooCommerce, you have full control over everything.

Subscription prices, payment methods, trials, upselling (more backups, managed plugin/theme updates etc etc). With Dollie you get full control over the experience of your clients.

What we’re trying to say is: Dollie goes beyond just a hosting for,  it’s just one of the components that allow you to offer a full service solution to your customers.

Always Free to Get Started - Our Pricing Explained

The first 30 days are always free so you have time to build your services.

Our pricing model is designed to help serious partners selling as soon as possible. You’ll get instant access to a team of Onboarding Specialists for guidance and technical assistance every step of the way.

Create a sustainable growth strategy for your business and once you go above 100 Sites for your customers, transition into our discounted price schemes.

Everything above 400 sites

Bespoke Enterprise Pricing

Do you have more than 400 Live Sites planned? We offer Enterprise Grade cloud developer tools to rapidly build and launch your WordPress Platform.

Contact our sales team and to learn more about Dollie for Enterprise

With Dollie we’re doing things differently

We are your invisible partners that allow you to sell Enterprise grade WordPress services and click-to-launch WordPress sites. We’re here to make your business thrive and that means keeping things simple when it comes to pricing.

No matter where you start you'll get full access to everything Dollie has to offer. No hidden costs, no limitations or reduced features/performance for any of the hosted sites and services that you offer to your customers.

Our team has over a decade of experience in deploying (WordPress) applications through our infrastructure partner OVH. Due to scale we’ve locked in a rate significantly below other managed WordPress providers where we know we can cover the cloud hosting costs and management fees to help our partners get started at a low monthly cost.

Now remember, with Dollie you can set your own pricing on your existing WooCommerce powered site. This means you can charge your customers as much as you like and bundle it with your existing services.

Choosing The Right Business Model 

One of our agency partners is averaging about $125 per customer per month by charging for hosting, maintenance and development and bringing it all together via their Dollie Customer Dashboard. 

Another partner is selling hosting and charges $25 per month, per site to undercut big name WordPress Hosts. They still manage healthy profit margins to scale up their business and market their services.

These partners have models that fit Dollie perfectly and it’s models like these we recommend you to go with.

What if I’m a business that already has hundreds or thousands of websites?

Congratulations, we would love to work with you to set up your Dollie powered services. Our team will help you automate your workflows and processes and reduce your cloud overhead. If you have an existing WordPress storefront and customer base, Dollie can be installed directly on your storefront so your existing customers can sign-up for hosting and other services within seconds.

For now, it’s easiest to get started for free, build a compelling product and service and start converting customers. You’re free to charge your customers whatever you want. So if you’re just starting out our $49 per month up to 5 customers is a great way to get going!

We look forward to working with you

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