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You’ve probably recently heard of dollie’s Site Actions, which allow you to run dollie actions en masse – and now we’ve just provided it the biggest possible upgrade. 

Scheduled Site Actions

With Scheduled Site Actions (SSA), you can set the schedule on which your dollie actions will run. This functionality is now added to your Sites page inside your customer dashboard.

To access these features, just maneouvre to your Sites page. Then, choose the specific sites (or all) you want to run the action against. 

Scheduler Tabs

Site Actions now comes with a simple scheduler that makes light work of automating your setup. Never before has setting custom actions across your sites been more simple. You are presented with 3 tabs, each containing a different functionality.

  1. Bulk Actions
  2. Scheduled Actions
  3. Create New Schedule

The Bulk actions tab runs a command across all of your sites right now

Scheduled Actions shows which schedules are set to run across your sites

Create New Schedule allows you to adjust which actions run on your site at which time. 

Can I see it in action?

Of course, below is a video which shows the ins and outs of how you set schedules for your Site Actions

Join the countless other dollie members today and see why they’re using dollie to deliver their own hosting platform. Your customers will thank you. Get started with dollie today!

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