Using Slack? dollie will now directly notify you of activity across your platform inside Slack.

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Achieve peace of mind in your service by getting notified about all dollie actions through slack!

As of now, you can use a slack webhook to integrate with dollie. Get notified everytime a customer launches a site, connects a domain, or many more of our dollie actions

Why do I care?

Running a hosting platform at scale can involve a lot of checks. There is nothing worse than having to run system integrity checks daily. Making sure that each subscription was successful, that your site deployed correctly, or that no customer failed in connecting their domain. 

There is a very simple solution to this.

Slack Integration through Webhooks

With the Slack Webhook integration, you can get notified every time an action is run on your sites. 

  • Want to know every time a site launch fails? No Problem
  • Want to get notified as soon as a domain doesn’t attach? You got it buddy!
  • Want to get notifications so you can be proactive in solving client issues? Ok, we get it. Please stop asking me rhetorical questions.

Our Slack integration makes managing your business head-ache free because you’ll be notified of mission-critical items, so you can be confident that everything is working just fine!

All this sounds very good, but it sounds complicated!

Well, that’s where you’re wrong. It couldn’t be more simple. You simply to need create an app on your slack workspace and connect it via a webhook. Then, everything works seamlessly. 

Check out our Slack Integration video which highlights all of this!

If you want peace of mind in dealing a top-tier hosting platform, then what are you for? Learn more about dollie today!

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