Ongoing Recurring Revenue for your WordPress Services.

Stop giving away your customers’ revenue to hosting companies every month by offering your own branded fully managed hosting WordPress solution.

With Dollie you can turn each of your WordPress products into a click-to-launch solution akin to SquareSpace or WIX.

Have an Established Customer Base?
Dollie Integrates Seamlessly with your existing WordPress storefront.


Turn your best selling WordPress products into pre-made sites, ready to be launched with the click of a button by new or existing customers.


Hosted on scalable Docker containers, carefully crafted by our Engineers with decades of combined experience in Cloud Orchestration.


100% White Label. Your services, your prices, your customers. Dollie is a true invisible partner dedicated to your success by helping you grow and scale by selling services fast.

your brand, your domain, your pricing

Launch Services Uniquely Tailored To Your Customers

Powered by WooCommerce

Complete Freedom Over Pricing

Bill your customers directly hooking up Stripe, PayPal, or any other the WooCommerce Subscriptions supported payment gateways. 

Charge your customers per site, based on disk space, support level, or anything else that fits with your business model. 

Bill customers monthly, yearly, or quarterly and see each (recurring) payment go directly into your bank account. 

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build, deploy, sell

Sell Pre-Made Sites with Blueprints

Create re-usable blueprints for each product you offer and allow new or existing customers to launch fully configured ready-to-go sites with the click of a button. 

Link Blueprints to your subscriptions or make them exclusively available to those with specific subscriptions. Offer unique click-to-launch designs for different audiences and manage them all through your Dollie Dashboard.

Support and Management Tools included

Provide Excellent Support

Get an instant overview of all your customers, their active subscriptions, their deployed WordPress sites, and your projected revenue straight from your WordPress dashboard.

Easily run per-site security checks, update plugins & themes, create backups, or revert installations with the click of a button.

Advanced Developer Tools

Use the built-in code editor, MySQL manager, and debugger for day to day development or use our Git integration and SFTP tools for full control over each and every site you launch.

Allow your customers to use these development tools themselves or easily restrict access to them with the click of a button.

Dollie even supports battle tested solutions like WordMove to quickly push and pull installation from local to live/staging.

Build your saas platform on enterprise-grade hosting

World-Class Performance & Security for all your customer sites.

Our engineers used many decades of combined experience to build a highly scalable container-based infrastructure that ensures that all the sites hosted on your platform will blow your customers away, no matter where they are hosted.

We take care of all the hard stuff whilst treating our partners as equals. No upsells, no overblown specs, no hidden costs. 

Built on WordPress

We know that you are selling WordPress solutions and that’s why your entire Dollie Storefront is built on WordPress itself. If you know WordPress you’ll love working with Dollie.

Use your favorite plugins and years of development experience to extend Dollie in any way you see fit. Install any of the thousands of WordPress plugins and WooCommerce extensions to add an affiliate system, detailed customer insights, live chat support or anything you envision to your customer dashboard.

You can even install Dollie on-premise alongside your existing WordPress installation and let your existing customers launch sites based on your products with the click of a button. It really is that easy.

Seamless Integration with the WordPress Ecosystem

Integrate your favorite support tools, add an affiliate system, accept payments via any Payment Gateway and extend Dollie using the WordPress development workflows you know inside out.



The Weglot translation solution integrates perfectly with Dollie to give you a reliable and easy way to take your website from local to global in minutes.

WP Feedback

Quickly collect feedback from your clients and the WordPress community for all the sites launched through your Dollie services.


Reward your loyal customers by launching your own affiliate program that integrates seamlessly with your Dollie services.

Convert Your Best Selling Products into a SaaS

Blueprints are re-usable WordPress installations configured exactly according to your needs which can be cloned, deployed and sold to your customers with the click of a button.

Click to view the Demo!

How it Works

Here is how you convert your WordPress (premium) themes, plugins into pre-built sites that are truly click-to-launch websites for your customers.

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Launch Site
Launch a new WordPress site inside your Dollie installation. For example:
Launch Site
Configure WP Install
Login to your new installation and set up your flagship product, configure the theme, it's required plugins and create example content until it's perfectly set up for your customers.
Configure WP Install
Make it a Blueprint
Go to your Dollie Site Dashboard and navigate to the Blueprint section.
Give your new Blueprint a name, description and link it to a WooCommerce product to enable the one-click checkout process!
Make it a Blueprint
Start Selling
Use the [dollie-blueprints] shortcode on your sales pages to show all the available Blueprints. Dollie even includes a "Live Preview" feature to let your customers preview the theme before they purchase.
Start Selling

get an in-depth overview of the dollie platform

Schedule a Free Personalised Demo

Let me show you how your Agency can start making recurring revenue selling your WordPress (Cloud) Services.

Hey there! Cormac here from the Customer Success team. Let me tell you a little bit about our personalized demos.

All our demos are 30-minutes long and conducted through Zoom, a free, widely-used screen sharing software.

In the first part of the demo we’ll introduce ourselves, get acquainted with your needs and current setup, and then move into our solutions. After that we’ll answer any questions you may have and schedule any needed follow-up sessions.

Sounds good? I’m looking forward to talking to you soon!

Cormac Ó Broin ,
Head of Customer Success

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