Dollie Transforms the way your Agency sells WordPress services

Dollie is the first Cloud Automation Platform to build, launch, and sell your WordPress services directly under your brand & domain.

Future-proof your agency and impress your clients by offering them a one-stop turnkey solution for all their website needs.


Stop losing revenue to hosting companies and SaaS platforms, become one yourself.

Dollie lets your agency start selling recurring Cloud Services under your brand and domain.


We provide you with everything you need to offer recurring revenue WordPress services without having to invest in building out scalable cloud infrastructure.

Focus on growing your business with Dollie as your truly invisible partner behind the scenes.


Keep using the WordPress foundation your team is comfortable with to rapidly extend your Dollie powered services. 

Provide your clients with true turnkey website solutions that future-proof your business for years to come. 

What is dollie?

Dollie explained in 2 minutes

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Your WordPress Agency Needs to Adapt..

You’ve set yourself up as a one-off purchase. Because of this, customers look to website builder solutions, web hosting companies, and other providers to supplement or replace your offering. Instead, what you need to do is adjust your business model to a recurring revenue model. 

1. Keep Selling Your Existing Services

Keep offering your existing services like web development, maintenance plans, SEO optimisation or anything else you expertise in.

2. Add Your new Dollie services to the mix.

Offer them the perfect all-in-one-solution. Their new website setup and configured with Enterprise grade managed hosting by the people they trust, with your carefully crafted Client Dashboard where they can see all their sites, their invoices and anything else you have built out for them.

3. Upsell Additional services

Offer premium support or services upgrades like more backups, additional performance optimisation or monthly development retainers, which can all be billed directly through the integrated WooCommerce Subscriptions included with Dollie.

4. Extend Dollie even further.

Use all of your favorite plugins and WP development skills to add new features and create an unique experience for your customers by using any of the 50.000 WordPress plugins. Live Chat, Affiliate systems, PDF/VAT invoices or a beautiful Knowledge Base. The sky is the limit.

why it works...

You can provide exceptional value to your clients by offering them a full service digital experience under your own brand.

Your team of WordPress experts can easily extend Dollie and add any feature your clients request by tapping into the WP ecosystem or going custom.

You control pricing, billing schedules, additional upsells or anything that fits your business model.

Finally you have a team of dedicated DevOps experts that support you and your business every step of the way.

Enterprise Grade Hosting for Your Clients

World-Class Performance & Security for all your client sites.

Our engineers used many decades of combined experience to build a highly scalable container-based infrastructure that ensures that all the sites hosted on your platform will blow your clients away.

We take care of all the hard stuff whilst treating our partners as equals. No upsells, no overblown specs, no hidden costs. 

If You Know WordPress, You Know Dollie

Install the Dollie Plugin alongside your favorite plugins and development skills to create an unique experience  for your clients by using any of the 50k WordPress plugins.

Below are some of our favorite examples on how to take Dollie to the next level.

WooCommerce Extensions

Add new payment gateways, PDF invoices, follow-up emails, Zapier integration or any of the other 1000+ WooCommerce extensions.


Elementor has the fastest, most intuitive editor in WordPress. Dollie integrates perfectly with Elementor so you can build highly converting landing pages in hours, not days.


Use AutoMattics Zero BS CRM to manage your customer relationships, target your best customers and send out invoices and estimates for your services.


Add a fully featured affiliate system to your Customer Dashboard that rewards your existing customers for recommending your service.

Awesome Support

Make customer support a breeze by offering a fully integrated support solution directly inside your Dollie install. Let customers create tickets, and easily assign them to yourself or your team.

Email Automation

Integrate your favorite newsletter service like MailChimp or ActiveCampaign and send out send out newsletters to your customers. Easily segment customers based on products or amount spent.

Meet Your Client Dashboard

Offer a completely white-labeled Dashboard carefully crafted to exactly meet the needs of your clients. 

Your client dashboard is a beautiful, fully responsive solution that comes bundled as soon as you install Dollie on your WordPress site.

Let your clients upgrade/downgrade their subscription(s), access their payment history and manage their billing methods easily.

Their Site Dashboard gives them detailed insights in the security, performance and activity of all the WordPress sites hosted on your platform. 

Give them access to all Site Management features or disable advanced features (Database, SFTP access) as needed.


Your entire dashboard can be customized and branded to fit your brand. 


Your clients can quickly see all the sites that are running on your platform. 


The SiteGuard checks for plugins and themes with reported security issues.


 A Quick overview of all the plugins that are currently installed on the installation.

Set your own pricing

Flexible Billing & Permissions

Bill your clients directly hooking up Stripe, PayPal or any other the WooCommerce Subscriptions supported payment gateways. 

Charge your clients per site, per service or anything that fits your business, with no 3rd Party in the middle. 

Bill them monthly, yearly or quarterly. Give them full access to your white-labeled Site Management Dashboard or only give them access to their billing and account overview.

One-click wordpress sites

Rapid Development with Blueprints

Deploy new sites for your clients based on any of existing sites using our Blueprints feature. Create as many blueprints as you need to instantly hit the ground running for various projects.

Bringing in a new client? Use our “Dollie One-Click Migration” plugin to migrate sites to your platform with the click of a button.

Know Your business and its Customers

Sales & Customer Reports

Get an instant overview of all your clients, their active subscriptions, their deployed WordPress sites and your projected revenue straight from your WordPress dashboard.

Run security checks, update plugins & themes, create backups or revert installations with the click of a button.

WordPress Developer Toolbox

Advanced Dev Tools

Use the built-in code editor, MySQL manager and debugger for day to day development or use our Git integration and SFTP/SSH tools for full control over each and every container you deploy.

Dollie even supports battle tested solutions like WordMove to quickly push and pull installation from local to live/staging.

How Agencies Use Dollie

With Dollie you’re not only able to offer enterprise grade hosting, you can also link this to additional services and offer these as add-ons directly in your white labeled customer dashboard.

Maintenance Plans

Offer managed upgrades of themes and plugins as a monthly add-on for your clients.

Security Audits

Use our built-in tools like our Security Scanner, WP CLI and SSH access to automate security scans for your clients.

Daily Backups

Our backups run once a day, but you can also create a backup on demand whenever you need to.

Performance Optimisation

Built in integration and optimisation for WP-Rocket, Redis Object Caching combined with per-container config options allow you to build custom configs for your clients.

Managed Updates

One centralized Dashboard with all your client sites. Update plugins, themes and WordPress itself and bill accordingly.

Add More Sites

Does your client want to a new website? It only takes seconds to launch a new site and your client can quickly upgrade their subscription via your customer dashboard.

Rapid Development with Blueprints

As an Agency you have an established workflow for when it comes to setting up fresh WordPress installations, Dollie lets you launch customized sites within seconds thanks to Blueprints and our Real Time Customizer functionality.

Launch New Blueprint
Launch a new Blueprint site from your Dollie install.i.e:
Launch New Blueprint
Configure WP Install
Login to your new installation and set up the WordPress install, pick a theme, set up your favorite plugins and configure everything exactly according to your wishes.
Configure WP Install
Make it a Blueprint
Go to your Dollie Site Dashboard and navigate to the Blueprint section.
Give your new Blueprint a name and description and press Deploy!
Make it a Blueprint
Use Our Real Time Customizer
Define placeholders inside your blueprint. As you can see in the example above, we’ve swapped out the dummy name and business sector with a placeholder
Use Our Real Time Customizer
Offer it for sale on your landing pages.
Now that you've created the Blueprint it can be selected every time you launch a new site for a client or for development purposes.
Offer it for sale on your landing pages.
End Result? Loyal & Happy Customers!
The result? A personalized website for your customers from the very first time they login to their new website. Imagine how impressed your new and existing customers will be?!
End Result? Loyal & Happy Customers!

how dollie can transform your agency

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