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Dollie vs WP Ultimo

WP Ultimo is a WordPress multi-site management plugin that enables users to create and manage multiple websites from a centralized dashboard. See how Dollie compares to WP Ultimo.


WP Ultimo is a premium WordPress plugin that allows its users to create a Website as a Service business to sell websites on WordPress multisite. Dollie also enables its users to create a Website as a Service business but it takes a different approach, and offers a much more comprehensive set of tools and services.

Site ManagementReports & AnalyticsHostingWAAS Storefront

WaaS/SaaS Storefront

A website-as-a-service (WAAS) storefront is a platform or system that enables users to build and manage a marketplace for selling websites as a service. It provides tools and functionalities for creating, customizing, and deploying websites for clients. Users can offer pre-designed templates, themes, or blueprints, along with additional services such as domain registration, hosting, and ongoing website management. The WAAS storefront simplifies the process of launching and managing a website business, allowing users to monetize their services and offer scalable solutions to clients.

Building a Website as a Service (WAAS) storefront using WP Ultimo is a straightforward process. To begin, you need a WordPress site in multisite mode, where you install the WP Ultimo plugin and follow the setup wizard. WP Ultimo provides an intuitive experience without relying on third-party plugins, making it an accessible option for users with varying levels of WordPress expertise.

WP Ultimo requires WordPress multisite, which means all customer websites operate as a unified system. This setup simplifies management, particularly for smaller-scale operations, but it does have limitations.


Dollie Hub is also a WordPress plugin but solves the problem very differently. To get started, you can request the deployment of a hub from your Control HQ dashboard. The setup wizard will then guide you in selecting complementary components from the WordPress ecosystem for integration, at the end of which you will have a WordPress site with the Dollie Hub plugin and configured integrations deployed and ready to be customized and presented to your audience. It should be noted that the hosting of this site is included in the Hub Builder plan, so there are no additional hosting charges for it.

Dollie Hub avoids using WordPress multisite, and instead takes a different approach by connecting to Dollie Private Cloud to deploy single-sites. Each site is isolated and given dedicated server resources, ensuring scalability, security, and customization options.

FeatureDollieWP Ultimo
Client Billing✔️✔️
Client Management✔️✔️
White Label✔️✔️
Complete WAAS Platform Builder✔️✔️
Gutenberg Compatible✔️
Elementor Compatible✔️
Brics Compatible✔️
Breakdance Compatible✔️
Paid Memberships Pro Integration✔️
Memberpress Integration✔️
Woo Commerce Integration✔️


Choosing between Dollie and WP Ultimo depends on your specific needs and priorities. Consider the following key points of each service provider:
  • Seamless, all-in-one solution: Dollie provides a comprehensive platform for managed WordPress hosting and enables the creation of a Website-as-a-Service (WAAS) business.
  • Ideal for WordPress Entrepreneurs: Dollie Hub focuses on serving WordPress entrepreneurs who want to build and monetize their ventures.
  • One-click deployment: Dollie simplifies the process of deploying new sites, making it convenient for quick and easy website setup.
  • Developer tools: Dollie offers additional development capabilities, such as a database manager and a cloud-based WP-CLI, catering to more technical users.
  • Integration with popular WordPress components: Dollie seamlessly integrates with widely used page builders and e-commerce plugins, ensuring flexibility and compatibility.
  • Intuitive experience: WP Ultimo offers an intuitive experience with its own plugin ecosystem, making it suitable for users with less confidence or knowledge of the WordPress ecosystem.
  • Ideal for WordPress multisite: WP Ultimo relies on WordPress multisite, which simplifies setup but comes with limitations when managing a large number of sites.

Please note that the pricing information provided is based on the available information at the time of writing this article. Visit the respective websites for the most up-to-date pricing details.

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