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Build Your Own WordPress Cloud Platform

If You Can Imagine It, You Can Build It with Dollie

Join hundreds of WordPress businesses and entrepreneurs running their dream cloud platform under their own brand and domain. Grow your business on the WordPress foundation you know and love. Offer true scale, flexibility and reliability fully under your control.
Dollie is your behind-the-scenes partner, managing your cloud infrastructure and building out white-labeled features you can then sell  directly to your customers.

Why our Partners Love the Dollie Platform

There is a better way to launch your own SaaS WaaS Agency Platform Hosting Services , ready to join the revolution?

The Old Way
Big name hosts & SaaS platforms love their Reselling/Partner Programs, where you’re forced to play by the rules of their closed platform. You get limited control over billing, branding and your customer data and you’re being restricted to the business model that works best for them, not for you.
And here’s hoping that someday they will add that feature that you’ve been asking about for the last two years. Sounds familiar?
The Dollie Way

With Dollie you get the freedom to build the exact platform you want, 100% under your control. Your customers, your service, your pricing. We act as a truly invisible partner at all times, managing your cloud infrastructure and constantly adding new white-label features you can then sell directly to your customers.

With Dollie you get all the scale, speed and security that those big platforms offer, but without us getting in the way of how you should run your business. Like it should be.

Agency Client Hub
SaaS for Real Estate
The Next SquareSpace
WaaS for Creatives
Managed WP Hosting
Your own full-service Agency Platform

Take Back Control over your Revenue Hosting Clients Data Operations with Dollie

Stop giving away your revenue to hosting providers, invoicing apps, CRM systems and countless other solutions today. 

Create a fantastic experience for your clients under your own brand domain. Manage & invoice clients, sell enterprise-grade hosting, site maintenance plans or any other service with the click of a button.

With Dollie you can grow your Agency on the WordPress foundation you know and love. Offer true scale, flexibility and reliability for you and your clients all under your control, with no 3rd party in the middle.

Marketplace Authors & Product Vendors

Turn Your Best Selling Products into a SaaS

Dollie allows you to quickly turn your best selling WordPress products into click-to-launch SaaS apps, under your own domain, branding and full control over pricing.

Stop giving away a large chunk of your revenue to a marketplace that takes the bulk of your profits. With Dollie you can take any of your flagship WordPress products and turn them into click-to-launch sites, all managed through a beautiful customer hub you can easily build yourself.

Already have an existing customer dashboard built on WordPress? Dollie integrates seamlessly so you can directly start offering your new SaaS services straight from your existing setup.

Move over Wix & SquareSpace

Your own Powerful Easy to Use Scalable Flexible

Websites as a Service Platform

Your own platform of pre-made click-to-launch sites, ready to be purchased with the click of a button.

With Dollie you can build your entire WaaS solution using WordPress and it’s rich eco system of plugins and themes,  without the restrictions of other WaaS solutions.

All the sites launched by your customers on your WaaS are hosted in isolated, dedicated environments, unlike Multisite based WaaS solutions you might have tried before.

With Dollie you get all of the performance, flexibility and reliability you need to lauch a WaaS platform of any size, using the WordPress foundation you know and love.

our vision

The WordPress industry is rapidly changing.

While the WordPress industry keeps growing, it will never surpass the web services market. Consumers are quickly moving towards Managed Web Services and who better to support those services than the agencies, developers, and vendors who actually create WordPress products and websites?

With Dollie we level the playing field between hosting providers/SaaS platform and WordPress businesses by providing our partners everything they need to offer recurring revenue WordPress services directly to their customers without having to invest in building out scalable cloud infrastructure.

Our partners keep using the tools and development languages they are most comfortable with whilst Dollie provides a turnkey solution and automation solutions to make their business succeed.

Extend Dollie with 50k+ Plugins

All of your favorite WordPress Plugins can be used alongside Dollie to build your platform.

Dollie is built on WordPress, an open source platform, allowing you to have the flexibilitycontrol and freedom without being held back by a closed system such as typical SaaS platforms.  All your data is hosted on your WordPress site. This means you completely control your technology stack and customer details.

WooCommerce Extensions

The possibilities are endless. Add new payment gateways, PDF invoices, follow-up emails or automation integrations with any services you use via any of the 1000+ WooCommerce extensions.

Live Chat & Support Plugins

Make client support a breeze by offering a fully integrated support solution directly inside your Dollie install. Let customers create tickets, and easily assign them to yourself or your team.

CRM & Marketing Tools

Connect your platform with existing CRM & Marketing systems, or install a plugin like Groundhogg that adds these features directly to your Agency platform. 

Affiliate Plugins

Add a fully featured affiliate system to your platform that rewards your existing clients for recommending your services to their friends and peers, including powerful Affiliate overview integrated into their dashboard

Automate Everything

Send any activity inside your platform to anywhere else. Sync customers with your CRM. Get notified on Slack if someone launches a new (staging) site, or automatically segment your top clients in your (3rd Party) Sales solution.

Email & Social Media

Sync clients with your favorite newsletter service like MailChimp or ActiveCampaign and send out newsletters to your customers. Easily segment clients based on products or amount spent. Offer coupons and promotions via social media.