Build. Deploy. Sell.

A turn-key solution for WordPress product vendors, agencies and developers to start offering completely white labeled cloud hosting to their customers. All done directly through their existing WordPress storefront.

The first automated cloud development platform for WordPress.

Learn how our Dollie helps you turn one-time clients into subscription customers for recurring revenue.


Provide exceptional value to your clients by offering them a full service digital experience under your own brand. Open up recurring revenue streams through hosting and maintenance services with full control over pricing.

Charge your clients per site, per service or anything that fits your business model.

Offer enterprise-grade hosting, site management features, detailed analytics, and actionable insights to your clients through a beautiful completely customisable Client Dashboard on your own domain.

Product Vendors

Launch a SaaS easily connected on your own existing WordPress storefront. Stop giving away your customers’ revenue to hosting companies every month by offering your own branded fully managed hosting WordPress solution.

Get your customers up and running with your products by creating Product Blueprints that can re-used and deployed with the click of a button.

Create unique Blueprints for each product/service you offer and you can easily link them to directly to Subscription Plans or make them available to all your customers directly inside their customer dashboard.

Product Vendors

Dollie is the first to allow you to manage all of your customers and their sites easily within your own WordPress dashboard, so you can keep using the same WordPress solutions you’ve come to love whilst building your business.

This also means that your (existing) customers/clients can manage their sites, subscriptions and support under your domain and branding!

They can run security checks, update plugins & themes, create backups or use the built-in developer tools like Code Editor, WP-CLI or the Database Manager. And the best thing? You can enable/disable any of the advanced site management features with the click of a button in the Dollie Settings screen.

Dollie will provide your business everything it needs to stay ahead of the competition.

Design and develop for free.

Apply for early beta access and start building your first Site Blueprints for your customers and clients.