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  • Everything you need for your WP Agency

    Manage all your client sites from one dashboard and use that as the launching point to expand your digital (cloud) services. Offer white-label hosting, site care plans and ongoing maintenance services, using just Dollie. 

    Tap into our game-changing AI Assistants for instant help with development, SEO, and client communications.

    • All Your Sites in One Place

      No more multiple dashboards or fragmented tools; seamlessly track all your client sites from one place.

      Focus on growing your agency and providing exceptional service with one powerful dashboard for you and your entire team. 

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    • Powerful Site Care Suite

      Automated backups, Security Scans, Uptime Monitoring, Site Reports and Google Lighthouse reports all under your fingertips.

      Use our Site Care Suite to automate your maintenance services and keep each and every site you manage secure and backed up.

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    • Scalable White-Label Hosting

      Launch new client sites into your own white-label cloud, directly launched under your own domain.

      Our custom-built, isolated, high performance hosting pods ensure excellent performance and security for each of your sites.

    • cognitive

      Get More Done with AI Assistants  

      Manage your sites and client relations more effectively. Get instant support in development, SEO, and client communications.

      Your assistants gather details from your sites & clients to provide relevant answers and suggestions.

    • user--multiple

      Manage All Your Clients

      Connect your clients to their sites, and generate beautiful update reports with the click of a button.

      Attach custom instructions or documents to any client and your AI Assistants will help you draft emails, proposals and update emails in seconds.

    • migrate--alt

      Free Migrations & Setup

      Our experts will migrate all you client sites to the Dollie Cloud, saving you hundreds/thousands on hosting. Included with all Busines plans.

      We even offer comprehensive training to help you and your team master Dollie.

    Move over Wix & SquareSpace

    With Dollie you can build your entire WaaS / SaaS solution in our White-Label Cloud, without any of the restrictions of other WaaS solutions you might have tried before.

    Forget Multisite or complex custom setups. Each customer site is launched in dedicated high-performance hosting pods. Secure, isolated, and dedicated environments with no sharing of resources.

    Build your customer portal directly inside your WordPress install, with full control over billing, design and your customer data.

    • Forget About Multisite

      Each site has its own dedicated environment, built from the ground up for WordPress. With dedicated resources, firewall & our enterprise-grade WordPress stack.

    • Infinitely Scalable

      Whether you have 5 or 5000 sites, your Private Cloud will keep up with your growth. Control per site the allowed resources or automate it based on the active plan of your customers.

    • magic-wand

      100% White Label

      With our Dollie Hub Builder your create your WaaS customer dashboard directly inside WordPress. With full control over design, branding, pricing and your customer data.

    • Grow as You Go Pricing

      Only pay exactly for what you use. Pay per site, per day so you'll know exactly what to expect. Charge your customers whatever you like. Unlock bulk discounts once your platform grows.

    Stop giving away the bulk of your Revenue to a Marketplace.

    Take any of your flagship WordPress products and turn them into click-to-launch SaaS solutions. With seamless integration with your (existing) WordPress based customer portal.

    Keep your margins and use it to grow your business.
    • Seamless Integration

      Already have an existing customer dashboard built on WordPress? Our Dollie Hub Builder plugin integrates seamlessly so you can directly start offering your new SaaS services straight from your existing customer Hub.

    • Infinitely Scalable

      Whether you have 5 or 5000 sites, your Private Cloud will keep up with your growth. Control per site the allowed resources or automate it based on the active plan of your customers.

    • plug

      Extend & Make It Your Own

      With Dollie you can build on the WordPress foundation you know and love. Install any of the thousands of WordPress plugins and WooCommerce extensions to add features to your SaaS or develop your own.

    • Grow as You Go Pricing

      Only pay when customers pay you. Pay per site, per day so you'll know exactly what to expect. Charge your customers whatever you like. Unlock bulk discounts once your platform grows.

    Embracing Dollie's Private Cloud and Control HQ has been a phenomenal experience, both for Goalmoon as a company and for me personally. The exceptional performance and comprehensive management features have allowed us to focus on our core strengths - delivering top-notch website design, digital marketing, and visual identity services to our clients.

    Alexandre Melo, Founder of Goalmoon

    Dollie has changed our business. We've seen increased efficiency, reduced costs, and overall growth in our business. Dollie's seamless integration, scalability, and white-label capabilities have made it an indispensable tool for us!

    Brooke Elder, Founder of Social Tenacity

    Utilizing Dollie Hub has revolutionized our business. It has enabled us to create MakeYourWP, a platform that makes launching websites effortless for our users. Thanks to Dollie Hub's customization capabilities, we can provide a seamless and intuitive experience for our customers. Dollie helped us bring our vision to life and reach even more people globally.

    Shyam Sundar, Founder and CEO of Website Learners

    Dollie's platform simplified the process of launching and managing our WaaS offering, allowing us to concentrate on delivering top-notch service and support to our clients. We wholeheartedly recommend Dollie to any company looking to transform their digital services and maintain a competitive edge.

    Tronny Nguyen, Founder of Tron Industries

    Explore All Platform Features

    Our all-in-one platform includes white-label hosting, website & client management, and the ability to sell recurring services seamlessly to your audience - all fully under your control.

    • More Revenue

      Sell white-label hosting, site care plans or your WaaS/SaaS services easily.

    • more control

      Manage, maintain & monetize all your WP Sites, Clients & Operations from one place.

    • more growth

      Start with zero costs and grow as you go with plans catered to your needs.

    • Manage all your sites from one dashboard. Keep them safe, optimized, and monitored.

    • Backups, Uptime Monitoring, SEO & Performance scans & more for all your sites.

    • Add clients, assign their sites and use your AI Assistants to send them reports & emails.

    • Custom trained AI Assistants that provide relevant answers for all your sites & clients.

    • Offer high-performance hosting to your clients/customers via our Dollie Cloud.

    • Re-usable templates with your favorite plugins & themes launched with the click of a button.

    • Sell your recurring (cloud) services to your audience through your own WordPress site.

    • An evergrowing list of addons to add even more features into your hands.


    Building Better WordPress Businesses Together.

    Read how Dollie customers have used our suite of tools to build white-label private clouds, sell cloud services directly from their WordPress sites, and control and monetize their WP sites from a single platform.

    • WaaS for Creatives

    • SaaS for Real Estate

    • Managed WP Hosting

    • The Next SquareSpace

    • Agency DXP

    Done for you service

    We'll Build Your Dream Platform

    Let our team of experts take care of creating, customizing, and scaling your white-label WordPress platform.

    Let’s jointly create a professional service that matches the capabilities of the best in the industry, but is tailored to you services, market, and customers.

    If you have specific requirements for your WordPress Platform, our Done-For-Your team is here to implement them.

    • Design

      Our team will take your existing branding and design a fantastic customer dashboard for your platform.

    • Performance Reviews

      We will code review your WordPress product(s) so they are optimised and lightning fast as soon as they are launched in your Private Cloud.

    • Consulting

      We have a team of experts available to help you make the right decisions. Pricing, developer talk, growth strategies, we're here to help.

    • Priority VIP Support

      Talk to our team directly via Slack in a private channel dedicated to your platform. Get support, advice and an extra set of eyes whenever you need.

    • Full Platform Setup

      Our team will take care of all the platform setup steps. Domain/DNS setup, payment gateways, testing and all other things critical.

    • Expertise

      Your project is executed by the people that built Dollie. We live and breath building WordPress platforms at scale. 

    Choose Your Deal

    Choose Your Deal


    Control HQ goes far beyond just site management, check out what you'll get with both paid plans.

    • Connect & Manage Unlimited Sites

    • Client Manager

    • AI Assistant

    • Instant Notifications to Email

    • Google Lighthouse Analysis

    • Uptime Monitor

    • Site / Client PDF Reports

    • Atarim Integration

    • Uptime Monitor

    • Security Scans

    • Bulk Updates for Plugins, Themes & WP Core

    • Pro Plan

      50% Discount for 1st Year

      Up to 15 VIP Sites with additional features, and all of our Pro features for one low price.

      • 10 Sites with VIP Features*

      • Up to 3 Team Members

      • Priority Email Support

    • Agency Plan

      50% Discount for 1st Year

      Up to 50 VIP Sites and additional features across your HQ. the best deal for Agencies!

      • 50 Sites with VIP Features*

      • Live Chat Support

      • Instant Slack Notifications

      • Listing in our Agency Directory

      • Early Access to New Features