The Cloud Automation Platform for WordPress

A Turnkey Solution for VendorsAgencies, and Enterprise Businesses to Rapidly Launch White Label WordPress Services.

Just install the free Dollie Plugin and convert your one-time clients into recurring revenue machines, all managed through your WordPress install.

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Dollie is a cloud-based eCommerce solution for WordPress businesses looking to provide white-label services to their customers. The platform allows developers and agencies to sell custom, pre-configured WordPress solutions to their customers. […] Built on top of WordPress and WooCommerce it allows anyone to set up and sell their services with minimal up-front knowledge of cloud hosting technology.
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Your Brand, Your Services, Your Pricing

Future-proof your WordPress business by offering true turnkey solutions to your customers with Dollie as your 100% invisible partner.

Use Dollie as the HUB for launching, hosting, and maintaining your client WordPress sites. With a beautiful Dashboard for your clients at the centre.

WaaS - Websites as a Service

Offer click-to-launch pre-made websites and tie them directly to recurring subscriptions. Then quickly upsell additional features and support all through your WordPress install.

SaaS - Software as a Service

Convert your top products into SaaS solutions using WordPress and Dollie behind the scenes. It Integrates seamlessly with your existing WordPress storefront and customer base. 

Managed wordpress hosting

Offer Enterprise Grade WordPress Hosting as feature rich as the top managed WordPress hosts in the industry.

One-Click Demos

Use Dollie to let prospective customers try out your WordPress products in a fully configured installation deployed in seconds.

Enterprise Solutions

Utilise Dollie as a scalable cloud automation
solution to rapidly build and launch your WordPress Platform on any cloud infrastructure.

Running a WordPress Agency?

Provide exceptional value to your clients by offering them a full service digital experience under your own brand. Open up recurring revenue streams through hosting and maintenance services with full control over pricing.

Charge your clients per site, per service, or anything that fits your business model.

Let your clients or your team manage each site easily through your beautiful customisable Client Dashboard, hosted under your own domain.

Creating WordPress Products?

Stop giving away your customers’ revenue to hosting companies every month. Turn your best-selling WordPress products into click-to-launch websites as a service under your brand and domain.

Have an established customer base? Dollie integrates seamlessly with your existing WordPress storefront.

Create re-usable blueprints for each product you offer and allow new or existing customers to launch fully configured and ready to go sites with the click of a button.

Need Enterprise Solutions?

The WordPress industry is rapidly changing. Dollie allows your business to adapt to these changes overnight through our powerful automation development platform.

Dollie provides 1-click deployments and other tools like our API to easily scale, save, clone, and automate WordPress.

Developing a secure, scalable, and extendable cloud solution is challenging, requires a totally different IT skillset, and is cost prohibitive. Why spend the money building your own WordPress Cloud Platform when you don’t have to?

Dollie is Built on WordPress

Stop giving away your valuable customer data. Take back control over billing, pricing, design, and every other aspect of your business. Simply install the Dollie plugin inside a WordPress install that is owned by you, giving you total control over every single part of your customer experience.

Your entire Dollie solution is built on WordPress itself. If you know WordPress you’ll love working with Dollie.

Use it alongside your favourite plugins and extend Dollie in any way you see fit. Install any of the thousands of WordPress plugins and WooCommerce extensions to add an affiliate system, detailed customer insights, live chat support, or anything you envision to your customer dashboard.

Install the Dollie plugin on-premise inside your existing WordPress installation and let your existing customers launch sites based on your products with the click of a button. It really is that easy.

All your customers hosted under your brand & domain.

World-Class Performance & Security for all your customer sites.

Our engineers used many decades of combined experience to build a highly scalable container-based infrastructure that ensures that all the sites hosted on your platform will blow your customers away.

We take care of all the hard stuff whilst treating our partners as equals. No upsells, no overblown specs, no hidden costs. 

Customer Stories

Want to build that recurring revenue stream that you’ve always dreamed of but aren’t sure where to start?

Read some of inspiring stories that demonstrate how WordPress business owners have found success with Dollie.

Say Goodbye to Slow Hosting

With Dollie you can stop putting your customer sites on poorly performing shared hosts. Stop managing complicated server setups and worrying about security and scale. 

Isolated Docker containers that guarantee excellent performance and security for each and every site deployed.

Next-Gen WP Stack

NGINX, PHP 7.3+, Redis and PerconaDB all carefully crafted to squeeze every millisecond of performance out of every WordPress install.

Smart Caching

Auto-detection of the most popular WP caching plugins that implements container-level caching before WordPress is even loaded.

Fully Isolated Sites

Each site has its own dedicated environment, optimized specifically for WordPress. Not only does this maximise performance, it also protects  it against bad neighbours unlike with so many shared hosts.

Lightning Fast Deployments

Dollie deploys WordPress sites in just 30 seconds. Combine that with your own custom Blueprints and your customers will love using your platform to spin up sites.

Built-in Security & Hardening

Automated security scans, a firewall that stops unsafe traffic, and built-in integration with CloudFlare are just some of the many things we take care of behind the scenes. Focus on building the perfect service for you customers – knowing it’s hardened against attacks.

our vision

The WordPress industry is rapidly changing.

While the WordPress industry keeps growing, it will never surpass the web hosting services market. Consumers are quickly moving towards Managed Web Services and who better to support those services than the agencies, developers, and vendors who actually create WordPress products and websites?

With Dollie we level the playing field between hosting providers and WordPress businesses by providing our partners everything they need to offer recurring revenue WordPress services directly to their customers without having to invest in building out scalable cloud infrastructure.

Our partners keep using the tools and development languages they are most comfortable with whilst Dollie provides a turnkey solution and automation solutions to make their business succeed.

Ready to get started?

Automate Your WordPress Business

Hundreds of businesses use our Dollie to automate and sell their WordPress cloud services, including big-name agencies, startups, best-selling marketplace authors, and many more.

Dollie lets you launch, scale, and grow your WordPress business and our team is here to help you every step along the way.