Control HQ - The Future of WordPress Site Management is here. Unlimited Sites. One Control Panel. No Cost.

Build Your Own Customer / Client Hub with Dollie & WordPress

Directly sell your recurring (cloud) services to your audience and provide them with a beautiful dashboard fully under your control.
  • Sell Your Services with any WP solution

    Use WooCommerce, MemberPress or any other ecommerce solution to charge for your services

  • You Own Your Data

    All your important customer/business data stays inside your Hub. We're only here to help you scale your white-label cloud platform.

  • Easy to Extend & Design

    Use your favorite pagebuilder. Install one of the thousands of WordPress plugins or WooCommerce extension to add new features to your Hub. 

Easily build your entire Customer / Client Hub with any page builder made for WordPress.

Forget Building Pages, Start Building Platforms.

You already know WordPress, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to build something incredible for your audience directly inside your WordPress installation.

  • This is not Multisite

    Your customers can view & manage their websites inside your WordPress powered Hub, but that is where the comparsion with Multisite ends. Each site is launched directly to your own Private Cloud with dedicated resources and complete isolation from your other customer sites.

  • Charge Your Customers Directly

    Sell your sites, services, maintenance plans or anything else directly to your customers via your Hub. Whether you charge $30 or $300 per site, it's up to you. We simply take care of everything behind the scenes.

  • Infinitely Scalable

    Thousands of customers, thousands of sites, your Hub will not break a sweat. Built for scale and performance from the ground up.

  • Supported By Experts

    With decades of experience in cloud engineering and scaling WordPress we have the experts on hand to help you make the right decisions for each component of your platform.

Wordpress Agencies
WaaS builders
WP Product creators

Your white-label client portal with integrated billing using WooCommerce. With full control over design, branding, pricing and your customer/client data.

  • Bill Your Clients for Your Services

    With integrated (subscription) billing, invoices & self-service features you can configure on a per client basis. Use WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads or even something like a Membership plugin to invoice/charge clients fully under your control.

  • Beautiful Client Dashboard

    Imagine one place for your clients where they can see everything. Their sites, their invoices, their additional services and anything else you could think of. Ad

  • (Finally) Monetise Your Hosting

    Don't stop at selling maintenance and one-off services. With our Hub Builder you can charge your client per site & upsell additional hosting features on your platform (additional backups, client reports, security scans) and so much more.

  • Make it Your Own

    With Dollie you can build on the WordPress foundation you know and love. Install any of the thousands of WordPress plugins and WooCommerce extensions to add features to your Client Hub or develop your own.

We've managed to build a fantastic client portal where our customers (and team) can see everything at a glance. They can control their payments, invoices and see all their sites that they have with us. Our team is using the Groundhogg CRM in our Hub as well for super easy client communication. We could not be happier with the results!

Beverley Russell from Resourceful Marketing

Build your WaaS with the Hub Builder and all of your favorite WordPress plugins & themes, without any of the restrictions of other WaaS solutions.

  • Build a Beautiful Customer Dashboard

    Use all of your WordPress skills to build a beautiful Customer Dashboard for your WaaS. Use any pagebuilder to customise every single area of your dashboard, or install any WordPress plugin to add new features to it.

  • Seamless sync with your Customer Hub

    Everything that happens inside your Hub is immediately synced with Control HQ. New sites being launched, new WooCommerce subscriptions & customer signups and more.

  • Sell Your Premium Products via Your Hub

    List all your premium products using a single shortcode using [dollie-blueprints]. Provide one-click seemleess checkout so that your customers can launch a site with your products set up and ready to go in seconds.

  • Extend Using WordPress

    Use all of your experience to extend your Hub. If you know about custom post types, user roles, ACF / custom fields and WP hooks & filters you can easily create custom functionality and Hub extensions. 

Dollie has quickly become the foundation of our business selling ready-made WordPress sites. Our Dollie-powered WaaS has over 500 sites that our customers manage through our Hub. It's simply the best way to manage and sell WordPress sites at scale and our dev team loves it.
Srilakshmi from Website Learners

The Hub Builder integrates seamlessly with any WordPress site, so you launch your SaaS services straight from your existing customer dashboard.

  • Sell Your WP Products as SaaS Solutions

    Quickly turn your best selling products into a SaaS and sell them directly to your audience. Use WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads or even something like a Membership plugin / license key solution to control who can launch sites on your platform via your Hub.

  • Integrate with your existing WP install

    Already have an existing customer dashboard built on WordPress? Simply install the Hub Builder plugin to seamlessly offer your new SaaS services straight from your existing WordPress installation.

  • All Your WordPress Sites in One Place

    If you start selling your SaaS solution to your customers each sites they launch into your Private Cloud shows up immediately in your Control HQ so your team has a perfect overview of everything that's going on across your SaaS Platform.

  • Bring In Your Entire Team

    Once your SaaS platform grows you want to provide perfect support. Bring in your entire team to Control HQ so your support staff can login to any of your sites with a single click. You can also leave notes for specific sites and use our powerful dev. tools to resolve issues in no-time.

We're selling our best-selling Marketplace theme as a SaaS solution with Dollie. Dollie allows us to sell to all our existing customers via our existing site. We used the EasyDigital Downloads integration in our Hub to allow customers with active subscriptions/licenses to launch sites directly in our Hub. It's such a flexible and powerful solution that we rolled out within weeks of finding out about Dolllie.
George from StaxWP

Take the Hub Builder Feature Tour

Always dreamt of launching your own white-label platform under your own brand & domain? The Hub Builder does exactly that.

5 Steps to Launch Your White Label Platform

Take your WordPress (premium) themes, plugins or pre-built sites and turn them into click-to-launch websites for your customers.

  • Launch Your Hub

  • Configure It

  • Create Your Products & Services

  • Sell Your Services

  • Make it Your Own

  • Our team has made some fantastic pre-made Hub designs you can choose from below, hosted for free inside the Dollie Private Cloud. Already have an existing WordPress site you would like to use? Simply install the Dollie Hub Builder Plugin inside that installation and you can connect it to Control HQ with the click of a button.
    Your Hub can be set up exactly to your platform needs. Configure how to charge for your sites (WooCommerce, MemberPress, EDD and more!), which areas of your Hub are available for your customers and so much more.
    When you're using your Hub to sell pre-made sites (we call them Blueprints) you can start building your templates your customers can purchase with the click of a button. You can list your Blueprints that are for sale with a single shortcode on any of your Hub pages.

    With our Real Time Customizer you can even add placeholders in your templates that will be populated with your customer details after they purchase/launch a site.
    Dollie's Hub Access Groups is a powerful feature in your Hub that allows you to control and monetize the services offered on your Hub/Platform. The possibilities are endless to monetize your white-label hosting/saas/waas services easily.

    Access groups can be tied to various actions such as membership levels, product purchases, or your own custom integrations.
    Easily build your entire Customer / Client Hub with any page builder made for WordPress. Out of the box we already take care of providing you with beautiful pre-made Hub designs, but you can customise them, add new pages and take it to the next level. Remember your Hub is a regular old WordPress site, fully under your control!