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Enterprise Solutions: Custom Backups

Here in dollie, we aim to offer a first class experience in automating your hosting business. We achieve this in many ways: from One-Click Deployments, powerful blueprint replicating tools, and streamlined auto scaling of sites. In order to really give...

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Dollie hits the WP Repo and now seamlessly integrates with any theme!

The day has finally arrived! The Dollie Team have been hard at work, taking on all of the feedback over the past year and packing it into the latest version of Dollie.  Just install the free Dollie Plugin and convert...

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Feature Release: Client-Deployed Site Permissions

Dollie’s continual development always yields interesting and useful features. Today, with the release of Dollie V3.2.0, we’re introducing the latest feature: “Client-Deployed Site Permissions”. This feature globally sets client access to their deployed sites at a certain user power –...

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How to Find a Profitable Niche with WordPress

Have you ever heard the phrase “niching down”? Basically, what it means is that you become a specialist with a strict area of focus.  Why does that matter? Well, it’s really hard to try and sell to everyone as opposed...

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LaunchMyWP - recurring revenue WordPress business

What Happens When Dollie Empowers Theme Vendors to Sell Their Own Products [A 7th Queen and LaunchMyWP.com Case Study]

Have you ever wished you could sell your WordPress themes as bundled services, but have no idea how to get started? If you’re done with relying on third-party marketplaces to sell your themes one-by-one, keep reading. Theme developer 7thQueen shares...

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Building a Premium Managed WordPress Hosting Solution with Dollie [A Captain Press Case Study]

Roman Serement, the CEO of Captain Press, offers a fully managed WordPress hosting solution. “The idea behind CaptainPress is to offer simplicity to the user,” Roman explained. “On top of this we can offer maintenance plans. The idea is to...

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Elementor in the Cloud - SaaS

Elementor Raises $15M: Will They Move into SaaS Services Next? (And Why You Should Too)

I believe that Elementor is about to undergo a massive shift. And it’s going to have a major impact on WordPress businesses. In this post, I’m going to speculate about: Why that $15 million will go towards a new SaaS...

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Hello Dollie, Cloud Hosting eCommerce for WordPress

Dollie is a turnkey Cloud Automation Platform. Built for WordPress developers, agencies, vendors and the Enterprise to offer white-label cloud hosting services to their customers. The future of WordPress is not in selling .zip files or building one-off websites. Dollie lets developers,...

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