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WordPress Site Management Evolved

Dollie's Site Management tools will take your productivity to the next level.

  • Quickly Access Your Sites

    No more switching between different hosting panels, view all the sites you manage in one place.

  • Admin With Ease

    Stop searching for login credentials for multiple websites, use our One-Click login to jump straight to the Admin Dashboard.

  • Up Your Updates Game

    With Control HQ, you can update plugins and themese across all your sites at the same time with just the click of a button.

  • Sort & Filter Your Sites

    The powerful Tag Sites feature allows you to easily group client sites together, making it even easier to manage your portfolio.

Managing All Your Sites Is An Easy, Efficient and Unrivalled Experience

  • Connect Your Sites

  • Select a site to manage

  • Manage your site efficiently

  • Effortlessly Manage all your WordPress sites

    beautiful site dashboard

    Whether your sites are hosted in your own Dollie Cloud, or anywhere else, you can manage everything in one place.

    Monitor site performance, view analytics, manage your plugins and themes and use our powerful Site Care features.

    With everything in one place, you can quickly pinpoint and resolve potential issues, enhancing your productivity and cutting down on costs.

  • What's included in our Site Care Suite

    • Automated Backups

      Daily scheduled backups of your sites send directly to your own storage bucket. Pro & Business plans get increased backup frequency and their backups send to our own Vault.

    • Notification Center

      Instant notifications send to your team via email or the dashboard when anything happens across your fleet of sites.  Slack integration available on Business

    • Uptime + SSL Monitor

      Get notified of downtime before your clients. View site uptime history directly in your dashboard. Additional uptime checks for our Pro & Business.

    • Google Lighthouse

      Run Lighthouse scans on your site to get a detailed report of SEO, Performance & Accessibility. 
      On-demand & scheduled scans on our Pro & Business Plans.

    • Security Scans

      Quickly see if there are any known security vulnerabilties for your sites. If there are, we will notify you immediately. More frequent scans on our Pro & Business plans.

    • Site Reports

      Generate beautiful PDF reports with a summary of all Site Care activity for a single site. Perfect to send out to clients to show them what you've done for them recently. 

    • Update Manager

      Bulk update plugin, themes and WordPress itself from one place. Install new plugins via ZIP, URL or from the repository.

    • Atarim Integration

      Obtain a comprehensive summary of all tasks generated within your websites using Atarim, ensuring you can efficiently manage all clients requests! Available on our Pro & Business plans.

  • Automate Your Maintenance tasks.

    Update Manager

    If you've been updating your sites one site at a time the Update Manager will truly revolutionise your workflow. You can bulk upload & update plugins, themes and the WordPress Core across all your sites, all at the same time.

    Using the Updates Manager will drastically increase your productivity and make it easy to manage multiple WordPress sites from one place.

  • The Update Manager Saves Time Like a Quantum Supertool

    • Select Plugin To Update

    • Select 'Update All'

    • Presto! All Sites Are Updated

    • Update Plugins & Themes for all your sites

      One global overview of all your plugins & themes across your entire fleet of sites. Update one or multiple with the click of a button.

    • Bulk Plugin & Theme Installer

      Select plugins or themes from the Repository, Zip or URL and quickly install them on one or multiple sites in one go. Perfect for updating premium plugins

    • Schedule Updates (coming soon)

      Create schedules to automatically update your plugins and themes during specific times and/or for specific sites or clients.

    • Premium Plugin Manager (coming soon)

      Upload your premium plugins and their license keys and bulk install or update them directly from Control HQ

  • Add Your Sites With Ease

    Easy Site Connect

    Connecting sites to Control HQ is a breeze compared to other site management tools.

    Our unique Auto Connect feature will get you up and quicky without lifting a finger.

    If you're already using an existing WP Management Solution, you can use our Bulk Connect option which can add multiple sites in seconds!

  • Connecting All Your Sites in Seconds.

    • Select Auto Connect

    • Enter WP Login Credentials

    • Voila! Your Site is Connected

    • Manual Connect

      Download our Connect plugin, manually install & activate it in your WordPress site's and a connection will be automatically established with Control HQ.

    • Import Sites in Bulk

      Bulk import from your existing WordPress  management tool by bulk installing our "Connect" plugin. Videos & Guides included!

    • CSV Import (coming soon)

      Simply upload a CSV with your site details and we'll automatically connect all your sites with you having to lift a finger. 

    Here's just some of the solutions you can import all your sites from:

Site Management Feature Overview

Site Directory

Site Directory

View all your sites in one easy to view listing and quickly perform tasks

Site Tag Filters

Site Tag Filters

Narrow down the list of sites by creating tags for a more refined viewing experience.

Add Comments/Notes


Add Comments/Notes

Leave notes for you & your team regarding your clients & sites.

Site Dashboard

Site Dashboard

View all plugins and themes status' at a glance and access performance insights with ease.

One Click Login

One Click Login

Securely login to your site without needing your username and password credentials.

WP Core Updates

WP Core Updates

Quickly view and manage the WordPress Core version and update without logging into your site.

Plugin Management

Plugin Management

Install, update and remove plugins directly from Control HQ.

Theme Management


Theme Management

Install, update and remove themes directly from Control HQ.

Bulk Import Sites

Bulk Import Sites

Import multiple sites at once from an existing WP Management Solution using our Connect plugin.

Bulk Plugins Management

Bulk Plugins Management

Install, update and remove plugins from multiple sites at the same time.

Bulk Theme Management

Bulk Theme Management

Install, update and remove themes from multiple sites at the same time.

Bulk WP Core Update

Bulk WP Core Update

Update the WordPress core to multiple sites at the same time.

Bulk Install Plugins/Themes

Bulk Install Plugins/Themes

Select plugins or themes from the repository, uploaded Zip, or URL, and quickly install them on multiple sites.

Site Backups

Site Backups

Coming Soon!

Schedule Updates


Schedule Updates

Coming Soon!


Premium Plugin Manager

Premium Plugin Manager

Coming Soon!


AI Assistants


AI Assistants

Get help managing your site via our Assistants. Write code, generate reports, improve SEO and more.


Atarim Integration


Atarim Integration

Connecting sites to Control HQ is extremely simple. Choose between Auto-Connect, Manual Connect, or Import from other WP Managers


Site Care Suite


VIP Site Addons

Enhanced features of the Core site Addons, available on VIP sites,

Explore All Platform Features

Our all-in-one platform includes white-label hosting, website & client management, and the ability to sell recurring services seamlessly to your audience - all fully under your control.

  • More Revenue

    Sell white-label hosting, site care plans or your WaaS/SaaS services easily.

  • more control

    Manage, maintain & monetize all your WP Sites, Clients & Operations from one place.

  • more growth

    Start with zero costs and grow as you go with plans catered to your needs.

  • Manage all your sites from one dashboard. Keep them safe, optimized, and monitored.

  • Backups, Uptime Monitoring, SEO & Performance scans & more for all your sites.

  • Add clients, assign their sites and use your AI Assistants to send them reports & emails.

  • Here goes your text ... Select any part of your text to access the formatting toolbar.

  • Offer high-performance hosting to your clients/customers via our Dollie Cloud.

  • Re-usable templates with your favorite plugins & themes launched with the click of a button.

  • Sell your recurring (cloud) services to your audience through your own WordPress site.

  • An evergrowing list of addons to add even more features into your hands.

Choose Your Deal

Choose Your Deal


Control HQ goes far beyond just site management, check out what you'll get with both paid plans.

  • Connect & Manage Unlimited Sites

  • Client Manager

  • AI Assistant

  • Instant Notifications to Email

  • Google Lighthouse Analysis

  • Uptime Monitor

  • Site / Client PDF Reports

  • Atarim Integration

  • Uptime Monitor

  • Security Scans

  • Bulk Updates for Plugins, Themes & WP Core

  • Pro Plan

    50% Discount for 1st Year

    Up to 15 VIP Sites with additional features, and all of our Pro features for one low price.

    • 10 Sites with VIP Features*

    • Up to 3 Team Members

    • Priority Email Support

  • Agency Plan

    50% Discount for 1st Year

    Up to 50 VIP Sites and additional features across your HQ. the best deal for Agencies!

    • 50 Sites with VIP Features*

    • Live Chat Support

    • Instant Slack Notifications

    • Listing in our Agency Directory

    • Early Access to New Features