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Dollie vs WPMUDev

WPMU DEV is a WordPress development platform offering a suite of tools, plugins, and services to help users optimize and manage their WordPress sites efficiently. See how Dollie compares to WPMUDEV.


Initially known as a premium plugin and theme developer, WPMU DEV has extended its services to include website management and managed hosting, resulting in some feature overlap with Dollie. However, Dollie stands out from WPMU DEV with its unique WAAS Storefront and its dedication to supporting WordPress entrepreneurs. This focus makes Dollie an appealing option for individuals seeking to build and monetize their WordPress ventures.

Site ManagementReports & AnalyticsHostingWAAS StorefrontPremium Plugins & Themes

WAAS Storefront

While WPMU DEV provides basic client management and billing capabilities within their hub, it lacks the comprehensive power and versatility offered by Dollie Hub. The Dollie Hub is a robust feature within the Dollie platform, functioning as a no-code WAAS (Website-as-a-Service) storefront builder. It empowers WordPress entrepreneurs to effortlessly create and monetize their own Website-as-a-Service business.

With Dollie Hub, users can seamlessly deploy, manage, and sell WordPress sites to their clients by integrating popular components from the WordPress ecosystem like page builders and e-commerce plugins. It provides unmatched flexibility, customization options, and scalability, enabling users to efficiently expand and thrive in their business endeavors.

FeatureDollieWPMU DEV
Client Billing✔️✔️
Client Management✔️✔️
White Label✔️✔️
Complete WAAS Platform Builder✔️
Gutenberg Compatible✔️
Elementor Compatible✔️
Brics Compatible✔️
Breakdance Compatible✔️
Paid Memberships Pro Integration✔️
Memberpress Integration✔️
Woo Commerce Integration✔️

Site Management

Dollie and WPMU DEV both offer robust and comparable site management capabilities. Users of either service can perform bulk updates, access a code editor, manage databases, view logs, and initiate wp-cli commands. Both platforms prioritize providing comprehensive tools to streamline site management and enhance workflow efficiency.

FeatureDollieWPMU DEV
Database Manager✔️✔️
Log Viewer✔️✔️
Code Editor✔️✔️
One-Click Login✔️✔️
Bulk Plugin Activate/Deactivate✔️✔️
Cloud WP-CLI✔️✔️
Automated & Manual Backups✔️✔️
External Sites✔️✔️

Reporting and Analytics

While both Dollie and WPMU DEV provide site management capabilities, WPMU DEV currently offers a more robust suite of Reporting & Analytics features. These include client reports, security scans, SEO optimization, and a link checker. However, Dollie is rapidly expanding its reporting capabilities, adding new features regularly to provide users with comprehensive insights.

FeatureDollieWPMU DEV
Performance Check✔️✔️
Uptime Monitor✔️✔️
Security Scan✔️✔️
Client Reports✔️
SEO ✔️✔️
Link Monitor✔️

Site Hosting

Both Dollie and WPMU DEV offer highly performant managed hosting. WPMU DEV offers a wider variety of resource options with prices ranging from $8/month/site to $1500/month/site. In the comparison below, WPMU DEV site prices are based on a site of equivalent resources hosted on Dollie Cloud.

WPMU DEV offers 10 hosting regions. Sites hosted on Dollie Private Cloud are hosted in Canada, but hosting in Europe is available on request.

ProviderProduct/Service PricePro-ratedRAMvCPUsBackup Frequency
DollieStandard Site$10/monthday2GB4Daily


Choosing between Dollie and WPMU DEV depends on your specific needs and priorities. Consider the following key points of each service provider:
  • Seamless, all-in-one solution: Dollie offers a comprehensive platform for managed WordPress hosting and enables the creation of a Website-as-a-Service (WAAS) business.
  • Ideal for Wordpress Entrepreneurs
  • One-click deployment: Dollie simplifies the process of deploying new sites, making it ideal for those who require quick and easy website setup.
  • Developer tools: With tools such as a database manager and a cloud-based WP-CLI, Dollie provides additional development capabilities for more technical users.
  • Integration with popular WordPress components: Dollie seamlessly integrates with widely used page builders and e-commerce plugins, providing flexibility and compatibility.
  • Wide array of reports and analytics for WordPress sites
  • Large variety of site sizes and regions available
  • Requires the installation of a lot of plugins on each site
Please note that the pricing information provided is based on the available information at the time of writing this article. Visit the respective websites for the most up-to-date pricing details.

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