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Automate your WordPress Cloud Platform with Dollie for Enterprise.

The WordPress industry is rapidly changing. Dollie allows your business to adapt to these changes overnight through our powerful automation development platform.


Enterprise Grade cloud
developer tools to rapidly build and launch your WordPress Platform.


Lightning Fast WordPress Sites deployed to a Scalable Cloud Infrastructure of Your Choosing.


Your platform, your prices, your customers. Dollie is a true invisible partner dedicated to your success.

your customers, your platform, your pricing

Take Back Control Over Your Recurring Revenue

Turn the cost of hosting into profit by offering a full service digital experience under your own brand

WordPress Hosting Companies Don’t Share Revenue

Referring your customers to a 3rd Party means your customers are now paying someone else to host the website powered by your solution. Why lose the recurring revenue?

DevOps is challenging and expensive

Developing a secure, scalable, and extendable cloud solution is challenging, requires a totally different IT skillset, and is cost prohibitive. Why spend the money building your own cloud when you don’t have to?

Scaling and automating WordPress is difficult

Lets face it, WordPress is difficult to scale. Let alone orchestrate in the cloud. That’s why Dollie provides 1-click deployments, and tools to easily scale, save, clone, and automate WordPress.

cloud agnostic & built for scale

Choose Your Infrastructure

Got accepted to the Google for Startups Program and would like to deploy to Google Cloud Platform? No worries.

Already have your business set up at AWS? We’ll set up your Dollie infrastructure on Amazon Web Services.

Dollie is host agnostic so your sites can be deployed to the infrastructure provider you feel most comfortable with.

Focus on your service, we'll do the rest.

White Glove Management

Want to focus purely on the product side of things? Let our Dev Ops and WordPress engineers care of everything regarding your infrastructure.

Simply focus on building your WordPress services and we’ll take care of the rest behind the scenes.

Think big, we do too

Custom Development

If you have specific requirements for your WordPress Service Platform, our Enterprise team is here to implement them. 

From customising our high-performance LEMP stack, to creating API driven solutions to setting up a custom high-availability cluster, Dollie for Enterprise can handle it all.

Powerful api, job management dashboard & developer tools

Automate Anything with our Enterprise Tools

Automate all of the moving parts of your platform and create (scheduled) jobs that achieve specific tasks quickly. If you’re familiar with WordPress development, WP CLI and bash scripting you can rapidly extend Dollie to automate every part of your platform to offer a seamless experience for your customers and your support staff. You can even trigger jobs based on form submissions or other actions inside your Customer Dashboard using the Dollie API.


See all your deployed sites across your entire infrastructure and filter them easily.


Run ad-hoc commands quickly to patch security issues, run WP CLI commands or even update the LEMP stack.


See job execution time,  

our vision

The WordPress industry is rapidly changing.

While the WordPress industry keeps growing, it will never surpass the web hosting services market. Consumers are quickly moving towards managed web services, and who better to support those services than the agencies, developers, and vendors who actually create WordPress products and websites?

With Dollie we level the playing field between hosting providers, and WordPress businesses by providing our partners everything they need to offer recurring revenue WordPress services directly to their customers without having to invest in building out scalable cloud infrastructure.

Our partner keep using the tools and development languages they are most comfortable with whilst Dollie provides a turnkey solution and automation solutions to make their business succeed.

Time Saving Tools For Your Devs Ops and Support Team

Have a dedicated team of WordPress Developers and Engineers in-house? With Dollie for Enterprise they can use all the tools our team is using behind the scenes.

Fine-Grained Access Control

Give your support team the ability to only run specific maintenance jobs/tasks based on their role. 

WP Support Tools

Quickly debug WordPress installations using the command line (WP CLI), the built-in Ad-Hoc Code Editor or by searching through the Debug logs.

LEMP Support Tools

Let your high-level engineers login via SSH to each individual container to tweak PHP/NGINX/MySQL settings or monitor incoming requests.

Full Activity History

Instantly see which API requests have been triggered through the Dollie API and on which installations. Look at the debug output for each job to improve your automation workflows.

Code & API Reference

Our Code Reference for Developers allows your team to see what every function, class, method and API endpoint can do for their development work. 

We're always here.

Our team will always be directly available through email support and optionally via Slack or your preferred direct messaging platform of choice.

how dollie can transform your agency

Schedule a Free Personalised Demo

Let me show you how your Agency can start making recurring revenue selling your WordPress (Cloud) Services.

Hey there! Bowe here from the Customer Success team. Let me tell you a little bit about our personalized demos.

All our demos are 30-minutes long and conducted through Zoom, a free, widely-used screen sharing software.

In the first part of the demo we’ll introduce ourselves, get acquainted with your needs and current setup, and then move into our solutions. After that we’ll answer any questions you may have and schedule any needed follow-up sessions.

Sounds good? I’m looking forward to talking to you soon!

Bowe Frankema ,
Head of Product