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With Dollie you can build your entire WaaS solution using WordPress and it’s rich eco system of plugins and themes,  without the restrictions of other WaaS solutions.

All the sites launched by your customers on your WaaS are hosted in isolated, dedicated environments, unlike Multisite based WaaS solutions you might have tried before.

With Dollie you get all of the performance, flexibility and reliability you need to lauch a WaaS platform of any size, using the WordPress foundation you know and love.

The WaaS Builder of Choice for WordPress Entrepreneurs

Hundreds of businesses use Dollie to automate sell their WordPress (cloud) services, including big-name agencies, startups, best-selling marketplace authors and many more. Here's how you can join them.

Step 1

Sign-up for Dollie

Join hundreds of WordPress businesses and entrepreneurs running their dream platform under their own brand and domain. Free to get started, no strings attached.

Step 2

Create Your Hub

Install the Dollie Hub plugin inside your Agency Website. Once activated the plugin you’ll be guided through the setup and you’ll be ready to go in minutes.
Step 3

Build Your WaaS

Set up the services you’d like to offer. Choose one of our pre-made Hub designs or roll out your own using Elementor. It could not be easier.

Step 4

Start Selling

Set up your products  and link them to your (recurring) services like hosting, site care services or white-glove development services.  With Dollie you can sell or invoice for all your services.

Your Infrastructure

Forget About Multisite Inflexible Complicated WaaS solutions

With Dollie you can forget about the old way of building a WaaS, we’re here to tell you there is a better way.

The Old Way
Big name hosts & SaaS platforms love their Reselling/Partner Programs, where you’re forced to play by the rules of their closed platform. You get limited control over billing, branding and your customer data and you’re being restricted to the business model that works best for them, not for you.
And here’s hoping that someday they will add that feature that you’ve been asking about for the last two years. Sounds familiar?
The Dollie Way

With Dollie you get the freedom to build the exact platform you want, 100% under your control. Your customers, your service, your pricing. We act as a truly invisible partner at all times, managing your cloud infrastructure and constantly adding new white-label features you can then sell directly to your customers.

With Dollie you get all the scale, speed and security that those big platforms offer, but without us getting in the way of how you should run your business. Like it should be.

Powerful Management Features for Your Team

Launch, Manage & Maintain All Your Sites in One Place

Monitor, support, and manage all customer sites easily. With Dollie your team will get an entire suite of features to manage all the sites in your WaaS network.

Site Templates & Cloning

Create your WaaS Templates with Blueprints

Create & Sell pre-made sites we call “Blueprints”. You can have as many blueprints as you for your WaaS, and they form the foundation of your business.

Blueprints can be made available for your customers as starter sites when they launch a new site on your platform. You can even restrict the available blueprints to specific subscriptions.

Once you have build a Blueprint you can list all your available blueprints anywhere on your site using a shortcode or the built-in Elementor widget. You can then offer one-click-websites to new and existing customer directly tied to a subscription. They simply click on “Launch this Site” and that’s it.

Play Video

In the screenshot above the placeholders {NAME} and {PROFESSION} are present inside a landing page. Once the Blueprint is launched these values will be populated with your clients name & profession. True magic!

Real-Time Customizer

Instant Custom Tailored websites for your Customers

Taking the concept of Blueprints one big step further, the Real-Time Customizer makes setting up new sites for on your WaaS even easier.

Add simple placeholders anywhere in your blueprints and see how they are magically populated with your customer details after the new site is launched.

A truly groundbreaking feature that opens up countless possibilities to automate your WaaS and the site creation experience for your customers.

Self-Service for Your Customers

Give Control back to your Customers

Depending on the target audience of your WaaS and the needs of your customers, you can easily enable specific self-service Site Management features.

Let them create backups, update plugins/themes, connect their domains and use the built-in Developer Tools for their sites. 

Tie specific Site Management features directly to subscriptions to offer Premium functionality or  quickly disable all Site Management features for that one customers that always manages to break their site on a Friday night. We’ve been there.

Your clients can quickly see all the sites that are hosted on your platform.

Each site has it's own dashboard where your client can use any of the features you've enabled for them.

If you don't want your client to manage anything themselves, the dashboard is still a great place to provide a "View only" experience to your clients.

Above you see a Site Dashboard built by one of our WaaS Partners. Their customers login to their Hub so they can see all their sites quickly. The partners has restricted what customers can do, so they don’t accidentally break their own sites.

Above you see how you can update all plugins for multiple sites in one go. Simply select the sites, choose “Update Plugins” and see it’s progress. If something goes wrong you’ll be notified via “Live Notifications” so you can take action if needed.

Safe Time Managing Sites

Reduce your headache of managing sites at scale

Easily run actions on multiple sites by using Site Actions, a powerful feature for everyone in your team. Batch update plugins, themes and WordPress itself, or trigger (additional) backups all in one go.

Promised a customer to update his sites every week? Use the scheduler to quickly set up recurring updates that run automatically at the schedule you specify. It could not be easier.

More Site Management Features
Developer Tools

Need to make some quick changes to a site? Use WP CLI or the full featured Code Editor directly from your Dollie Hub.

One-Click Staging

Create an exact copy of one of the sites on your platform with the click of a button. Perfect for quick testing of important site updates.

Security Scans

Use our built-in tools like our Security Scanner, WP CLI and SSH access to automate security scans for your clients.

Automated Backups

Use our built-in tools like our Security Scanner, WP CLI and SSH access to automate security scans for your clients.

Building Your WaaS Sites, Explained.

Using our Blueprints Feature you can create pre-built sites and turn them into click-to-launch websites for your customers. Keep reading to learn exactly how.

Watch the Video

With Dollie you can create as many Blueprints as you want, and then directly sell them by connecting them to a WooCommerce subscription inside your Dollie Storegront.

Once you have built your Blueprints you can show them on your sales pages using a shortcode [dollie-blueprints] or (if you’re a theme developer) create your own custom loops/templates. 

Watch the video on the right to see exactly how this works!

Play Video
Launch Your Pre-Made Site
Launch a new WordPress site inside your Dollie powered WaaS. For example:
Launch Your Pre-Made Site
Set Up The SIte
Build out your new template by installing plugins, setting up the theme and creating example content until it's perfectly set up for your customers.
Set Up The SIte
Make it available for your customers
Once you are done give your new Blueprint a name and directly tie it to a subscription on your Dollie WaaS Platform.
Make it available for your customers
Start Selling
Use the [dollie-blueprints] shortcode on your WaaS Salles pages to show all the available Blueprints. It even includes a "Live Preview" feature to let your customers preview the site before they purchase.
Start Selling
Next-Gen Hosting & Billing Services for Your Entire WaaS Plarform

One Solution to Launch & Managed your White Label WaaS

World-Class Performance For All Your Sites.

Slow speeds kill good sites. Our engineers used many decades of combined WordPress & DevOps experience to build a highly scalable container-based hosting stack that ensures that all the sites hosted on your WaaS will blow your clients away.

Each site has its own dedicated environment, built from the ground up for WordPress.

Not only does this maximise performance, it also protects it against “bad neighbours” like with so many shared hosts. The result: Lighting fast isolated sites that perform well at all times.

Docker Powered

Isolated Docker containers that guarantee excellent performance and security for each and every site deployed.

Next-Gen Hosting Stack

NGINX, PHP 7.4+, Redis and MariaDB all carefully crafted to squeeze every millisecond of performance out of every
WordPress site.

Smart Caching
Auto-detection of the most popular WordPress caching plugins, implementing edge-level caching before WordPress is even loaded. Without having to configure anything.
Build Your Entire Customer Dashboard with Elementor

Build a Powerful Beautiful Flexible Customer Dashboard

Use all of your WordPress skills to build a beautiful Customer Dashboard for your WaaS. Use Elementor to customise every single area of your WaaS Dashboard, or install any WordPress plugin to enhance your dashboard.

Site Manager
Build with Elementor
Billing & Account Area
Access Control
Add Any Plugin
Extend Dollie with 50k+ Plugins

All of your favorite WordPress Plugins can be used to enhance your WaaS

Dollie is built on WordPress, an open source platform, allowing you to have the flexibilitycontrol and freedom without being held back by a closed system such as typical SaaS platforms.  All your data is hosted on your WordPress site. This means you completely control your technology stack and customer information

WooCommerce Extensions

The possibilities are endless. Add new payment gateways, PDF invoices, follow-up emails or automation integrations with any services you use via any of the 1000+ WooCommerce extensions.

Live Chat & Support Plugins

Make client support a breeze by offering a fully integrated support solution directly inside your Dollie install. Let customers create tickets, and easily assign them to yourself or your team.

CRM & Marketing Tools

Connect your platform with existing CRM & Marketing systems, or install a plugin like Groundhogg that adds these features directly to your Agency platform. 

Affiliate Plugins

Add a fully featured affiliate system to your Client Hub that rewards your existing clients for recommending your services to their friends and peers, including powerful Affiliate overview integrated into their dashboard

Automate Everything

Send any activity inside your Client Hub to anywhere else. Sync clients with your CRM. Get notified on Slack if a client launches a new (staging) site, or automatically segment your top clients in your (3rd Party) Sales solution.

Email & Social Media

Sync clients with your favorite newsletter service like MailChimp or ActiveCampaign and send out newsletters to your customers. Easily segment clients based on products or amount spent. Offer coupons and promotions via social media.

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