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The Atarim Integration is here!

Combining Dollie with Atarim brings powerful collaboration features for your entire team into our Control HQ Dashboard. 

With Dollie's comprehensive site management capabilities and Atarim's visual feedback tool, agencies can simply get more work done and grow their business.

  • AI Assistants

Why Dollie & Atarim?

Dollie offers an all-in-one dashboard that enables you to manage all your sites & clients efficiently. From updates and backups to security and performance checks, Dollie ensures your sites are running smoothly and securely.

By integrating Atarim, we’ve added an extra layer of interactive, visual collaboration directly on the websites you manage, making client communications and task management more straightforward and effective.

Automated Client Feedback Loop

With Atarim, clients can easily leave feedback directly on their website, specifying their needs and issues in context. This reduces the back-and-forth often associated with email or message-based communication and provides clear, actionable tasks for your team. The Dollie dashboard centralizes these tasks, allowing you to see everything at a glance and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

We're truly excited to partner with Dollie.

"This integration opens up immense possibilities for better resource management and workflow efficiency, ultimately allowing digital agencies to work smarter, not harder.

Vito from Atarim

Add any of your sites to Atarim in a single click.

Whether you have 5 or 500 sites in Dollie with our integration you can now add a site to Atarim directly from Control HQ and start adding tasks for your team, or collect feedback from your clients through Atarims beautiful visual collaboration dashboard.

See All Your Tasks from Atarim inside your Dollie HQ

The Dollie dashboard keeps track of all your tasks in Control HQ, allowing you to see all your tasks directly inside your site manager listing.

Use Cases for Day-to-Day Agency Operations

1. Content Updates

When a client wants your agency to update or add new content to their site, they can use Atarim it’s visual collaboration tools to indicate exactly where and what they need. Their comments/tasks will be directly available both in Atarim and Dollie.

2. Performance and Security Feedback

If a client notices a page loading slowly or has security concerns, they can highlight the issue using Atarim. Dollie’s Site Care Suite will then provide your team with a comprehensive toolkit to address these issues directly. Run security scans, Google Lighthouse reports or bulk update plugins & themes all from a single dashboard.

3. Team Collaboration

Use Atarim internally with your team across all of the sites you manage via Dollie. Leave tasks and comments for your team members in Atarim and see them instantly appear in your sites lists in Dollie.

Atarim perfectly aligns with our goals.

"Our ambition has always been to simplify work for WordPress businesses, and teaming up with Atarim amplifies that goal. By combining the forces of Dollie we enable agencies to offer top-tier services with better efficiency and increased profit."

Bowe from Dollie

Combining Dollie + Atarim will enhance your Project Management Workflow

Dollie’s mission has always been to help Manage & Grow your WordPress Business. With powerful Site Management, Scalable White-Label Hosting and intuitive AI Assistants you have the foundations to elevate your WordPress Agency.

Combining Dollie with Atarim’s innovative approach to project collaboration designed to simplify dealing with visual feedback – from one project to thousands – will revolutionize the way you approach client interaction and signficantly improve website project workflow.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of optimal efficiency, enhanced client co-operation, and streamlined management in agency-led website projects, setting a new standard in the WordPress ecosystem.

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Note: The Dollie <> Atarim integration is only available for paid plans of both Atarim + Dollie users.

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