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  • site manager

  • hosting

  • client crm

  • site care

  • waas Builder

  • AI Assistants

Our Done For You Service Explained

  • WordPress Agencies

  • WaaS & SaaS Builders

  • WP Product Creators

  • Done For You for Agencies

    Imagine one platform for your team and clients that has everything you need to grow your business. Offer white-label hosting, billing & invoicing, site & client management all under your brand & domain.

    Our team will take care of everything. Building your client portal inside your existing WordPress site, migrating your existing client sites to your new hosting services and training you and your team to get the most out of the Dollie Platform. 
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    Done for You for SaaS & WaaS

    Our team will build you a scalable platform that's not only a superior alternative to WordPress Multisite it also ensures optimal security, high-grade performance and full control.

    We'll build your customer portal inside your existing WordPress site, review & consult your WaaS templates and train you and your team on getting the most out of the Dollie platform.

    Already using a WaaS solution? We'll help with migration as well!
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    Done for You for Product Creators

    Take any of your flagship WordPress products and turn them into click-to-launch SaaS solutions. With seamless integration with your (existing) WordPress based customer portal.

    Our Done-with-You services follows a proven process to convert all your WordPress products into one unified SaaS platform under your brand & domain.

    Our team is here to help your team with development, branding, strategy and everything else to ensure a seamless transition of your services into your own white-label SaaS platform.

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    Our Process Explained




  • 4. LAUNCH

    • Our Done-with-You team follows a proven process that we have perfected over the years to get your platform up and running in no time.

      We'll start with a welcome call where we show the full Dollie suite so your team gets a good understanding of the possibilities and how our solutions tie-in together to give you all the tools to run a successful platform. We'll also ask a bunch of questions about your products, brand and goals of your platform, and some of the geek stuff that helps us plan things out.

      After our call you'll get immediate access to all our platform features and our team will be available to assists you whilst you start building your platform with us.

    • We've seen time and time again that quickly getting to a working MVP is the absolute best way to envision the direction of your platform.

      We realise that launching your own platform is a big step for a lot of businesses. With our Done With You process we help you get to an MVP as soon as possible so your team is able to quickly iterate and present a working platform to the rest of your team in days, not months.

      Depending on your requirements we're often able to get the foundation in place shortly after our onboarding call so you can hit the ground running.

    • After the onboarding your team get access to a dedicated Slack channel and access to our onboarding Academy.

      In our Slack channel you can talk directly to our team and ask any further questions or issues you might run into.

      You'll also receive a login to our Academy where you can follow our onboarding course that contains an entire range of lessons that walk you through setting up your platform foundation.

      Once your team has completed all the lessons in the course you're well on your way to launching your platform. We'll keep the Slack channel available during this entire process, so our team is here to help each step of the way.

    • Whether you launch your platform for a subset of customers or go all out, our team is here every step of the way.

      Before you press the big green button, we will do a final review of your entire platform, which includes a code review of your platform & products/templates, your customer / client Hub and anything else you'd like us to double check.

      After launch our team remains available for support, consultancy and help with your day to day operations. Depending on your requirements we have various level of support you can choose from. We're dedicated to seeing you succeed and a successful launch is critical to the ongoing success of your platform!

    Dollie's platform simplified the process of launching and managing our WaaS offering, allowing us to concentrate on delivering top-notch service and support to our clients. We wholeheartedly recommend Dollie to any company looking to transform their digital services and maintain a competitive edge.

    Tronny Nguyen, Founder of Tron Industries

    Utilizing Dollie Hub has revolutionized our business. It has enabled us to create MakeYourWP, a platform that makes launching websites effortless for our users. Thanks to Dollie Hub's customization capabilities, we can provide a seamless and intuitive experience for our customers. Dollie helped us bring our vision to life and reach even more people globally.

    Shyam Sundar, Founder and CEO of Website Learners

    Embracing Dollie's Private Cloud and Control HQ has been a phenomenal experience, both for Goalmoon as a company and for me personally. The exceptional performance and comprehensive management features have allowed us to focus on our core strengths - delivering top-notch website design, digital marketing, and visual identity services to our clients.

    Alexandre Melo, Founder of Goalmoon

    Since partnering with Dollie, we've seen significant growth. We streamlined our entire SaaS to focus on our core mission of helping political candidates build a strong online presence.Support from Dollie's team was top-notch - they were always available to provide expert guidance.

    Giovanna Salucci, Founder of Change Digital

    Pricing Options

    • Done For You

      $2000/one time
      • $500 Cloud Hosting Credits
      • Full Cloud Setup & Configuration
      • Onboarding & Consulting
      • Dedicated Slack Channel
      • Priority Support
      • Full Hub Setup & Configuration
      • Pre-Launch Platform Review
      • Post-Launch Priority Support
    • Done with You

      $500/one time
      • $200 in Cloud Hosting Credits
      • Priority Email Support
      • Step by Step Guidance
      • Pre-Launch Platform Review

    Some Success Stories

    Read how Dollie customers have used our suite of tools to build white-label private clouds, sell cloud services directly from their WordPress sites, and control and monetize their WP sites from a single platform.

    • WaaS for Creatives

    • SaaS for Real Estate

    • Managed WP Hosting

    • The Next SquareSpace

    • Agency DXP

    What We Offer

    Let our team of experts take care of creating, customizing, and scaling your white-label WordPress platform.

    Let’s jointly create a professional service that matches the capabilities of the best in the industry, but is tailored to you services, market, and customers.

    If you have specific requirements for your WordPress Platform, our Done-For-Your team is here to implement them.

    • Design

      Our team will take your existing branding and design a fantastic customer dashboard for your platform.

    • Performance Reviews

      We will code review your WordPress product(s) so they are optimised and lightning fast as soon as they are launched in your Private Cloud.

    • Consulting

      We have a team of experts available to help you make the right decisions. Pricing, developer talk, growth strategies, we're here to help.

    • Priority VIP Support

      Talk to our team directly via Slack in a private channel dedicated to your platform. Get support, advice and an extra set of eyes whenever you need.

    • Full Platform Setup

      Our team will take care of all the platform setup steps. Domain/DNS setup, payment gateways, testing and all other things critical.

    • Expertise

      Your project is executed by the people that built Dollie. We live and breath building WordPress platforms at scale. 

    Choose Your Deal

    Choose Your Deal


    Control HQ goes far beyond just site management, check out what you'll get with both paid plans.

    • Connect & Manage Unlimited Sites

    • Client Manager

    • AI Assistant

    • Instant Notifications to Email

    • Google Lighthouse Analysis

    • Uptime Monitor

    • Site / Client PDF Reports

    • Atarim Integration

    • Uptime Monitor

    • Security Scans

    • Bulk Updates for Plugins, Themes & WP Core

    • Pro Plan

      50% Discount for 1st Year

      Up to 15 VIP Sites with additional features, and all of our Pro features for one low price.

      • 10 Sites with VIP Features*

      • Up to 3 Team Members

      • Priority Email Support

    • Agency Plan

      50% Discount for 1st Year

      Up to 50 VIP Sites and additional features across your HQ. the best deal for Agencies!

      • 50 Sites with VIP Features*

      • Live Chat Support

      • Instant Slack Notifications

      • Listing in our Agency Directory

      • Early Access to New Features