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Dollie Case Study

Tron’s Expansion into Website Building Services with Tron Builder, Powered by Dollie

In today’s digital era, having a professional online presence is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Tron, an established company in the web services industry, recognized this need and aimed to further cater to its customers by expanding its range of services. To accomplish this goal, Tron partnered with Dollie, a product company that offers a platform builder for creating WordPress-based Website as a Service (WaaS) businesses. Leveraging Dollie’s Hub Builder and Private Cloud, Tron created Tron Builder, a website builder service that simplifies the process of building professional websites in just a matter of minutes.


Creating and maintaining a professional website can be a complex and time-consuming process, especially for small business owners who lack the resources or technical skills to manage their online presence effectively. Tron identified this challenge and sought to develop a user-friendly, efficient, and reliable solution that would allow businesses to establish their online presence with ease. Furthermore, Tron wanted to offer a range of features and support that would not only simplify the website creation process but also ensure high-quality performance and security for its customers.


Tron utilized Dollie’s Hub Builder and Private Cloud to develop Tron Builder, a service that streamlines the website creation process through a simple three-step system:

Pick a Theme: Customers can choose from a variety of professionally designed premium WordPress themes.
Launch It: In just a few clicks, a pre-designed WordPress theme is set up and ready for customization.
Go Live: Once the website is complete, customers simply connect their domain, and their site goes live.
Dollie’s Hub Builder allowed Tron to create a custom-branded platform, while the Private Cloud provided the infrastructure necessary for hosting and scaling their WaaS business. Tron Builder offers a wide array of features and tools, including domain registration, secure web hosting, SSL certificates, malware protection, daily backups, insights and analytics, and dedicated project managers, ensuring customers have all the necessary resources to maintain and grow their online presence.

The End Result

Tron Builder achieved success across several key areas:

User-friendly Interface: The straightforward three-step process enabled customers to create professional websites quickly and easily.
Comprehensive Features: By providing all essential tools for website creation, hosting, security, and maintenance, Tron Builder allowed customers to focus on growing their business.
High-Quality Performance: The advanced infrastructure, powered by Dollie’s Private Cloud, ensured optimal website performance and speed.
Robust Security: SSL certificates and automatic malware checks kept customers’ websites secure and protected from potential threats.
Excellent Support: 24/7 priority chat and phone support, along with a dedicated project manager, ensured customer satisfaction and prompt assistance when needed.


By leveraging Dollie’s Hub Builder and Private Cloud, Tron successfully expanded its range of services to include Tron Builder, a website builder service that simplifies the process of creating and managing professional websites. The combination of a user-friendly design, comprehensive features, high-quality performance, robust security, and exceptional support made Tron Builder an appealing option for customers seeking an efficient and stress-free website creation solution. As a result, Tron further established itself as a leading provider of web services and solutions in the industry.

If you’re looking to build a Website as a Service (WaaS) business or expand your existing services, don’t miss the opportunity to experience the benefits of Dollie for your company. Get started today and discover how Dollie, with its innovative Hub Builder and Private Cloud, can empower you to create a successful and scalable business in the digital world.

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