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Dollie Case Study

Unleashing the Power of Dollie Hub: How Website Learners Built MakeYourWP for Simplified Website Creation

Website Learners, an innovative team from Chennai, India, is transforming the e-learning landscape by providing easy-to-follow tutorial videos for individuals looking to create their own websites. With millions of people joining their journey since their first viral video in 2017, Website Learners sought a robust solution to further simplify the website building process. To achieve this, they turned to Dollie to create MakeYourWP, a one-step solution for launching WordPress websites that eliminates technical complexities and empowers users to focus on content and design.


Before finding Dollie, Website Learners faced challenges in offering a user-friendly solution for launching WordPress sites. Their goal was to create a platform that removed the complexities of website creation, allowing users to focus on their content and design. To accomplish this, they needed a powerful, flexible, and customizable WaaS solution capable of handling the technical aspects while maintaining the simplicity and ease of use that had become their trademark.


Dollie provided the perfect foundation for Website Learners to build MakeYourWP. By leveraging the Dollie Hub’s capabilities, they developed a platform that not only simplifies the website launching process but also offers a beautiful, fully customizable dashboard directly under their control. With WooCommerce integration, Website Learners can sell their cloud services and recurring subscriptions directly to their audience. Moreover, Dollie Hub ensures that all critical customer and business data stays within their control, empowering Website Learners to extend and design their platform using their favorite page builder or by installing WordPress plugins or WooCommerce extensions.

The End Result

By harnessing the power of Dollie Hub, Website Learners has expanded its impact and helped countless people worldwide create their websites. MakeYourWP has become a popular choice for users seeking a hassle-free way to launch WordPress sites, allowing Website Learners to further solidify its reputation as an accessible and innovative e-learning platform.


Website Learners’ success with Dollie Hub illustrates the potential for businesses to expand their offerings and better serve their customers. Dollie Hub’s flexible and powerful platform allows companies like Website Learners to focus on their core mission while providing an unparalleled user experience. If you’re looking to build and grow your own WaaS, contact us today to see how Dollie Hub can help you achieve your goals and emulate the achievements of Website Learners.

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