Introducing Site Actions – Sell & Automate Site Maintenance at Scale

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Reduce your headache of managing sites at scale with, "Site Actions"

Starting today, you can run actions across many or all of your sites by using Site Actions, a powerful new feature available for all dollie partners.

Create a tiered offering using dollie with a deluxe offering encompassing “Care Plans”, that are simple to deliver at scale. 

Why wouldn't I just update each site myself?

Absolutely you can, and dollie works great in that way too. You can get easy access to any WordPress install you manage using our SSO.

The difficulty with this method comes in when you’re managing managing 20, 100, 1000, or even 100,000 customer sites. It does not scale.

 Site Actions allow you to push updates, create backups, or even regenerate the screenshots across many or all of your installs en masse!

Offer an Elite Level Hosting Platform at scale where your customers can access their site and where you can also deliver your Premium Managed Hosting Packages

What type of actions can I run?

All types of actions can be catered for here:

  • Site Updates
  • Site Backups
  • Stop Site
  • Restart Site
  • Regenerate Site Screenshot

with more being added all the time! To learn more about this feature, check out the following video showing how it works!

Join the countless other dollie members today and start delivering your own hosting platform. Your customers will thank you. Get started with dollie today!

Dollie will change Your WordPress business

The Cloud Automation Platform to build, launch and sell WordPress services under your own brand & domain.
Dollie lets you convert one-time customers into recurring revenue machines, all managed through your WordPress install.
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