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Announcing Dollie 2.0 – The next level of building WordPress Cloud Platforms as a Service has arrived

We’re excited to announce Dollie 2.0 – a major overhaul of the Dollie Platform. Adding a range of new improvements and features that enhance our current offering, we know you’re going to love what you can do with Dollie 2.0!

2.5 years ago we launched Dollie – the very first Cloud Platform Builder for the WordPress community.

Today hundreds of Agencies, product vendors and Website as a Service creators are using Dollie to sell their cloud services under their own brand and domain.

With Dollie you don’t need to worry about infrastructure, security and scale, our engineers take care of all of that behind the scenes. And the best thing? You can build your entire white labeled cloud platform using WordPress itself.

Dollie 2.0 – An Evolution of our Vision

Our mission is to help you future-proof your WordPress business by letting you build and launch your own Cloud Services easily. To level the playing field between you and big name hosts and SaaS website builder platforms. We’re confident that with Dollie 2.0 we’re making it easier than ever for you to reach that goal.

Let’s walk you some of our features that are either brand new or massively updated for our 2.0 release.

Blueprints + Real Time Customizer = Super Charged Site Automation

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In addition to our ever-popular Blueprint builder, we now provide a Real Time Customizer where you or your customers can pre-populate content which is then loaded onto their site upon creation.

This saves so much time on tedious data entry tasks whenever you start a new website project, replacing content such as Business Names, e-mails, addresses and other common variables you may use.

Staging Sites

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We all know the pitfalls of working on a live website and we wanted to make it easier than ever to test and deploy production design builds before they go live.

With one-click staging environments, you can work on problems or redesigns on a completely separate version of your live site inside the Dollie platform, which can prove extremely useful for design rebuilds, complex layouts or mission-critical sites.

Offering staging functionality to your customers is also a great upsell feature and further sets you apart from your competition.

Site Maintenance

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Managing multiple WordPress sites can be a breeze with Dollie as our powerful Site Actions feature allows you to simultaneously update themes & plugins, create backups and stop or restart sites across your network.

In Dollie 2.0 we’ve gone one step further, with Scheduled Site Actions allowing you to automate these processes to run once or twice per day, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. 

This makes your operations much more efficient and provides an enterprise service at scale. You can give your customers the reassurance their sites are up to date and backed up on a regular basis. 

Updated Hub Experience

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For Dollie 2.0 we have greatly improved the experience for both your team and the customers/clients using your Hub. 

Your Hub is the place where you build your white-labeled platform using WordPress. Everything happens inside your Hub, so you have complete freedom to build something amazing for your customers. For example:

  • Storefront: You sell your services using WooCommerce to your customers.
  • Customer Dashboard Your customers login to your Hub to use your services like launching/managing their sites.
  • Team Dashboard your staff can see/manage all sites on your platform, your customers and sales reports etc.

    A Small Sample of the Improvements to the Hub in Dollie 2.0

  • Overview: A beautiful dashboard showing your team exactly what’s happening inside your Hub. New sites, clients and Dollie updates are all shown here.
  • Customers/Clients Directory: A directory showing all your clients/customers inside your Hub.
  • Tons of UI/UX Improvements – Cleaner design for all our core widgets and layouts inside your Hub.



This update is the culmination of many years of work by the Dollie team perfecting our ideas, research, and development craft to ensure our partners are maximising their potential for success.

This is just the beginning. We’re constantly implementing new features based on awesome feedback from our users and are committed to helping the WordPress community level up their product and service offerings.

Now it’s over to you, create a free account and join the Dollie movement today. If you can imagine it, you can build it with Dollie 2.0. 

We can’t wait to see you on the other side!

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