Is Every WordPress Company Becoming a SaaS or WaaS? (And Should You?)

It’s not as though subscription services are a new thing within WordPress. It’s just that they were once relegated to the likes of WordPress hosting companies or maintenance providers who could easily package up their services into a done-for-you monthly solution.  But these days, it seems like other WordPress professionals are getting into the game. […]

How Automated Maintenance and Support Services Can Boost Your Profitability

Let’s be honest: Working with WordPress as a CMS has its pros and cons. There’s no other platform that gives users so much flexibility or extensibility and, yet, its complex nature is also what drives many away. It can be a struggle building websites or products for WordPress if you don’t package your services up […]

Would Your WordPress Business Benefit from Recurring Revenue? (F*** Yes!)

If you’re a web developer or run a WordPress agency, tell me if this sounds familiar:  There are plenty of people who need a new website. But more and more of them are going the DIY route because of website builders like Wix or WordPress page builder plugins like Elementor. And while I can eventually […]

Generate Recurring Monthly Revenue with Dollie for WordPress

Trent, VP of Dollie and Stratus5, tells the story of why our team created Dollie to help WordPress developers, agencies, and vendors build sustainable businesses. Dollie provides the tools developers need to launch cloud enabled WordPress as a Service businesses that generate recurring monthly revenue.

Hello Dollie, Cloud Hosting eCommerce for WordPress

Dollie is a turnkey Cloud Automation Platform. Built for WordPress developers, agencies, vendors and the Enterprise to offer white-label cloud hosting services to their customers. The future of WordPress is not in selling .zip files or building one-off websites. Dollie lets developers, agencies, and vendors sell their own custom WordPress solutions pre-configured in the cloud as a […]

What Happens When Dollie Empowers Theme Vendors to Sell Their Own Products [A 7th Queen and Case Study]

Have you ever wished you could sell your WordPress themes as bundled services, but have no idea how to get started? If you’re done with relying on third-party marketplaces to sell your themes one-by-one, keep reading. Theme developer 7thQueen shares its story.  Introducing 7thQueen 7thQueen is a well-established WordPress Theme Vendor that specializes in creating high-performance […]

Feature Release: Client-Deployed Site Permissions

Dollie’s continual development always yields interesting and useful features. Today, with the release of Dollie V3.2.0, we’re introducing the latest feature: “Client-Deployed Site Permissions”. This feature globally sets client access to their deployed sites at a certain user power – while maintaining the Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality as admin for the owner of the Dollie […]