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Building a Premium Managed WordPress Hosting Solution with Dollie [A Captain Press Case Study]

Want to build that recurring revenue stream that you’ve always dreamed of, but aren’t sure where to start? This is just one of the many inspiring stories that demonstrate how WordPress business owners have found success with Dollie.

Introducing Captain Press

Roman Serement, the CEO of Captain Press, offers a fully managed WordPress hosting solution. 

“The idea behind CaptainPress is to offer simplicity to the user,” Roman explained. “On top of this we can offer maintenance plans. The idea is to offer as many features as possible, and we will be implementing more and more services on top of this in the future.” 

Simplicity and the democratisation of WordPress. 

These are the most fundamental precepts of Captain Press and everything Roman is trying to achieve with his new business. This is reflected in the name he gave his company. 


“Press” comes from “WordPress”. “Captain” comes from “Captain America”, whose values amount to honesty, nobility, and doing right in the face of injustice. 


This can be seen in what Roman is offering and in his background.

Captain Press’s Origin Story

In 2008, Roman graduated with a BA in Financial and Banking Management from the Romanian Banking Institute. However, in light of the financial crisis, he decided that turning away from the industry was the right step forward for him. So, he began working for the family business of selling medicinal leeches and teaching people how to get their health back and continuing looking after their wellbeing. 

Roman’s fascination with building and maintaining websites came out of necessity when he noticed that his family’s website needed to be rebuilt. After some initial dabbling with Joomla, he realised the best way forward was to produce the website on WordPress, which has massive community support and a plethora of plugins.

This desire to build websites continued to grow until he had amassed a small collection of them. But he was only handling the development side. Hosting and maintenance were being outsourced. 

An Opportunity Presents Itself with Dollie

Realising the potential in having a collection of websites, Roman began to wonder if there might be a way of reselling hosting so as to turn this pool of potential into a form of recurring revenue. 

So, Roman went on the hunt for a WordPress plugin that could turn his website into an autorun file. That way, he could just drop it onto his own node. 


“I was wondering if there was such a plugin to do this. When Dollie appeared, I was like, ‘Dude, this is the solution.’ Exactly what I was thinking, with the Blueprint tools and everything.’”

Thanks to the no-cost, no-commitment trial, Roman figured he would try Dollie and see what it was all about. 

Eventually, Roman discovered that Dollie was good for more than just reselling hosting. He could become a managed hosting provider while still offering his original web development services, and capture more of that revenue customers would otherwise hand to web hosting companies. 

A New Business Is Born — Quickly and Easily, Too

Realising the potential of what he was embarking on, Roman booked a meeting with the Dollie team to talk about whether this would be the right solution for him. After the meeting, he decided it was the right move for him and his business, and agreed to go live with his new business. 

“The support is great and the onboarding steps they provide are stupidly easy. You could follow the videos step-by-step and inevitably do it right. I didn’t have any problems.”

Roman is proof that anyone can build their own Dollie-powered service. You just need to be forward thinking, meticulous, and hard working.

“I have no IT background. Before using Dollie, I was just beginning to learn CSS and HTML.” 

It also demonstrates that having an extensive background as a developer isn’t a requirement anymore to offer customers a complete WordPress packaged service. Or to enable customers to do great things with WordPress either. 

“To offer simplicity to regular people who don’t have a background in launching a website is what we aim to do.”

The democratisation of WordPress is fundamental to CaptainPress and Roman now has the solution to make it happen. 

Welcome to Captain Press

Captain Press offers customers a completely managed WordPress package that bundles:

  • Managed hosting
  • WordPress deployment
  • Website maintenance
  • A free CDN
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Management tools 

It also includes a bevy of other tools that empower users to create a new website with the click of a button.

Determining What The Service Is Worth

According to Roman, setting the prices for Captain Press services required a balancing act. 


“For the pricing, we made a list of everything we are offering. Then we thought, ‘What would I be willing to pay for that?’” 

But as Roman so eloquently puts it, being honest and noble in business doesn’t mean undercutting your worth. It’s about being honest and open with what you offer with no additional required payments. 

As for how they settled on the final pricing structure: 


“It’s priced off the features we offer. They don’t need to do maintenance. They get a simple deployment process and free SSL certificates and free CDN. For me, these two tools are brilliant. Plus, they get backups everyday for 30 days, which is a powerful offering. The main equivalent service we looked at was Kinsta. It was a bit cheaper, but they offered much less. With Dollie, we can offer a more personalised and more customized service for each of our customers.”

Roman is happy to step into the forefront of the WordPress market with an offering that is second to none at competitive prices. If Roman can do it, then what are you waiting for?

Get in Touch with Dollie

Have you been playing around with the idea for a new WordPress business model, but were unsure of how to make it a reality? 

If you’ve read Captain Press’s story and the wheels have begun to spin, good! We’d love to talk to you about your vision and show you everything Dollie can do for you. 

Get in touch today. 

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