World-Class Performance & Security for all your customer sites.

Our engineers used many decades of combined experience to build a highly scalable container-based infrastructure that ensures that all the sites hosted on your platform will blow your customers away.

We take care of all the hard stuff whilst treating our partners as equals. No upsells, no overblown specs, no hidden costs. 

Next Generation Cloud Hosting & Orchestration.

WordPress is difficult to scale. Let alone orchestrate in the cloud. That’s why Dollie provides 1-click deployments, and tools to easily scale, save, clone, and automate WordPress, so you can focus on growing your business.

Isolated Docker containers that guarantee excellent performance and security for each and every site deployed.

Next-Gen WP Stack

NGINX, PHP 7.3+, Redis and PerconaDB all carefully crafted to squeeze every millisecond of performance out of every WordPress install.

Smart Caching

Auto-detection of the most popular WP caching plugins that implements container-level caching before WordPress is even loaded.

Fully Isolated Sites

Each site has its own dedicated environment, optimized specifically for WordPress. Not only does this maximise performance, it also protects  it against bad neighbours like with so many shared hosts.

Lightning Fast Deployments

Dollie deploys WordPress sites in just 30 seconds. Combined that with own your custom Blueprints and your customers will love using your platform to spin up sites.

Built-in Security & Hardening

Automated security scans, a firewall that stops unsafe traffic and built-in integration with CloudFlare are just some of the many things we take care of behind the scenes. Focus on building the perfect service for you customers, knowing it’s hardened against attacks.

So what are Docker containers? 

Docker containers are a piece of software that wraps around code, system tools, system libraries, and anything else you can install on a server. 

Using docker containers you can essentially run WordPress like an operating system, and deploy it like an application, in an controlled environment that is exactly the same regardless of where it’s deployed (hosted).

Our Dollie containers use the power of Docker to rapidly deploy these isolated, highly optimized containers for our partners, under their own brand and domain.

Fast & Secure

Most web hosts use virtual servers. They’re slow, resource intensive, barely scalable, and have so many layers it is easy for something to go wrong. If anything goes wrong in just one of those tech layers your website goes down.

With Dollie every WordPress site is housed in its own isolated Docker container, which has all of the software resources required to run WordPress at lightning speeds (Nginx, PHP, MySQL Redis).

Cost Efficient

Containers make WordPress more scalable, and more efficient bringing down the economies of scale per install. What this effectively means is that we can host more WordPress installs with less server and management resources.

This brings down the cost per install, while also improving performance by building an isolated environment completely dedicated to serving a high-performance, scalable WordPress site.

All of the above gives us the room to let you sell your cloud services to your customers with a healthy margin and still remain competitive.

DevOps Friendly

If you are an experienced developer you can even login to each container via SSH and add your own custom NGINX or PHP configuration files or use the Dollie API to run custom jobs that trigger scripts inside your containers.

What happens when your customer launches a new site?

Here is a simplified version of what happens when they press “Launch Site” inside your Dollie powered platform.


Customer Launches site

the dollie cloud orchestration deploys the site to the Node(s) dedicated to your partner account.

isolated alpine linux container is configured in seconds

optimised nginx front-end server with our smartcache solution.

*dedicated mysql container

tightly tweaked wp application stack to serve non-cached pages in no time is now a high performance WP instal

Hello.Domain.Com is linked to your dollie storefront, your customer account & subscription

Now that the site is deployed your customer can use your beautiful site dashboard to manage their site(s) easily.

cloud agnostic & built for scale

Choose Your Infrastructure

Got accepted to the Google for Startups Program and would like to deploy to Google Cloud Platform? No worries.

Already have your business set up at AWS? We’ll set up your Dollie infrastructure on Amazon Web Services.

Dollie is host agnostic so your sites can be deployed to the infrastructure provider you feel most comfortable with.

Ready to get started?

Automate Your WordPress Business

Hundreds of businesses use our Dollie to automate and sell their WordPress cloud services, including big-name agencies, startups, best-selling marketplace authors and many more.

Dollie lets you launch, scale and grow your WordPress business, and our team is here to help you every step along the way.

The Dollie container dashboard

Fine Gained Control over Your Sites

Get an instant overview of all your sites, the domains connected to them and the allocated resources they can use.  

Have a customer that has a WordPress installation that requires more RAM, CPU or disk space? Quickly give them extra resources and quickly bill them via WooCommerce inside your Dollie Installation.

I am a tooltip for a hotspot
I am a tooltip for a hotspot

Support and Management Tools included

Our SmartCaching Solution for Near-Instant Load Times

The Dollie platform detects the most popular WordPress caching plugins and auto implements container-level caching before WordPress is even loaded.

This solution gives you the freedom to choose a caching plugin that works best for you or your customers, whilst still getting all massive benefits of server-side caching.

Once a page is cached it is served directly through NGINX completely bypassing PHP and MySQL and thus resulting in near instant load times.

Fully Secured Sites

Dollie takes security very seriously, implementing active and passive measures to stop attacks and malicious intent in its tracks. We detect attacks as they happen and proactively stop malicious code from entering our network. 

Every site that’s deployed is instantly backed up on a daily basis, meaning a hacked or defaced site can be instantly rolled back if needed.

You can even increase the frequency in which these are taken by talking to our team directly. You can even upsell more backup to your customers easily. For high-traffic or dynamic sites, this can bring peace of mind knowing you roll back your site at a moment’s notice without data loss.

Selling Your Platform Services
An example of your sales copy.

Below you’ll find an example table that highlights the hosting and technology features from the perspective of your customer. Feel free to use it as inspiration when building your landing pages to sell your (hosting) services.






SSD Disk Space
Free Site Migration
Visitors & Pageviews
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Multisite Support

Maintenance & Security

Managed Updates
Free SSL Certificate
Automatic Backups
Bruteforce & Hack Protection
Security Monitoring

Additional Features

Developer Toolset
Transactional Email
Snapshot Backups
Site Starter Wizard
3rd Party Plugins & Themes


SSD Storage
Guaranteed Resources
Docker Technology
Next Generation Tech
Dedicated Resources
Custom Optimisation
$299 One Time Fee $299 One Time Fee $299 One Time Fee

Expert Support

Live Support
Pro Site Setup

($199 One Time Fee)

($199 One Time Fee)

($199 One Time Fee)